Angelina College Presents Seeing Time by Jennifer Wester

Artist Jennifer Wester Presenting ‘Seeing Time’ Exhibition at Angelina College

Reception March 3 –  6PM – ACA Gallery


Interdisciplinary artist Jennifer Wester will bring her unique approach to art to Angelina College in an exhibition titled “Seeing Time,” scheduled to run from March 3-25 in the Angelina Center for the Arts Gallery. 

An artist’s reception will take place at  p.m. on Tuesday, March 3 in the ACA foyer.

Previously an Olympic skater, Wester’s exhibit will include works from her action painting series in which she employs her skating background while skating across the canvas to display her physical balance and movement. Wester also will present sculptural work drawn from those two-dimensional prints and paintings.

Wester works in various performance mediums, including metal, paint, light, ink, audio and performance mediums. From the artist’s web site:


“(Wester) often explores line as object and communication tool, as well as interaction motives, both algorithmic and impulsive. Her work visually embraces chaos while often being created in a very orderly manner. She often composes work with and about residues and indexes of body, movement, and processes. Highlights in Wester’s career as an emerging artist have been her performance and videographic works shown at the SOLUNA Festival in 2018 and the CICA Museum in 2019, grants with the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs in 2019 for her line and action paper art experiences, and receiving a Meadows Award from Southern Methodist University in 2019 to pursue a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art.”


Wester’s competitive skating career led to numerous accolades; along with her partner and husband Daniil Barantsev, Wester was the 2007 Nebelhorn Trophy champion and the 2008 ISU Four Continents fourth-place finisher behind Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir (Olympic champions in 2010 and 2018), Meryl Davis & Charlie White (Olympic Champions 2014), and Kim Navarro & Brent Bommentre. Wester and Barantsev also were the 2008 World Championship first alternates for Team USA.  

Wester continued skating professionally before attending and graduating from Yale University with a degree in Computing and the Arts. She became a professional artist based out of Dallas, Texas.

From the artist’s statement:


“Presence. Awareness. Agency.
            “These are the words I’m most interested in as of late. My practice centers itself in the desire to elevate the inner self through systematic psychological triggers that shift one’s conscious voice from that of doubt to that of ability. I seek to engage a breath of possibilities too long absent, if ever before present, in the viewer’s conscience. I want to spark a sense of agency and affirming engagement with the visual and spatial world…so strong that it ripples outward long after.”


Admission to the events is free. 

For further information, contact ACA Gallery Curator Le’Anne Alexander at