Bookstore Operating Guidelines

Bookstore Location:
The bookstore is located on the first floor of the Student Center building.

Services of the Bookstore:
All textbooks, instructional materials and related supplies for credit and community service classes should be ordered through the Bookstore. Outside sources should not be established for these items. College division offices will receive a 45% discount on charges of supply items. Should an unusual situation arise warranting a departure from this policy, the Vice President of Business Services should be contacted.

The Bookstore maintains accounts with various local vendors to accommodate the supply needs of students receiving scholarships, loans or financial aid, or whose tuition is paid by a third party.

Required Textbooks (Reference Section ED of the Policies and Procedures Manual):
Textbooks are adopted by division and are the same for each section of a course. A textbook designation form approved by the Vice President and Dean of Instruction which is received by the cut off date authorizes the bookstore to order books. Once adopted, a textbook will be used for at least two years, unless superseded by a later edition. Textbook changes should be initiated and approved according to the approved schedule.

When it is determined that a new edition has been released, the bookstore will work with the instructional division to utilize the old edition if to do so is the preference of the division and if sufficient quantities can be obtained.

Recommended Textbooks:
Recommended textbooks must be requested in writing to the bookstore and are maintained in limited quantities based on demand.

Supplies and Materials:
As space permits, the bookstore will stock instructional supplies and materials. Additionally, through third party agreements, the bookstore will make outside items available to faculty and students. The bookstore cannot stock supplies or materials which are customarily obtained from an outside source with which the bookstore has no agreement.

Returns and Refunds:
All returns require the actual receipt. Amounts are refunded back to the original source of payment (cash, check, credit card, financial aid, third party, etc.). Books must be returned in the original condition without physical wear, torn pages, writing, water damage, etc.). If shrink wrapping is removed, a $5.00 fee will be assessed. Textbooks utilizing a CD are not refundable if the CD has be accessed.

A 50% refund will be made for textbooks which are defaced but can be resold.

Defective textbooks will be exchanged with proper receipt.

Certain items may not be returned. These include clothing, packs, calculators, trade books, reference books, study guides and notes, supply items, and special order items.

All refunds must be requested by the designated date. After the refund period, the bookstore will buy back textbooks at wholesale prices.

Textbooks purchased after the refund period must be returned within three business days for a full refund.

Buy Backs:
The bookstore contracts with a book company to handle textbook buy-backs at the end of each semester. Whether or not a particular text will be bought back and the price offered will vary based on several factors: the condition of the text, whether it is an edition in use, the recommended “buyer’s guide” price, and current inventory levels. The college does not automatically repurchase textbooks at 50% of the sales price.

A buy-back will be conducted at the Jasper Teaching Center at the end of each fall and spring semester.

Faculty and Staff Discounts:
Faculty and staff will receive a 10% discount on all textbook purchases. The discount may be used when purchasing textbooks for dependents.

Off-Campus Sales:
Sell of textbooks is conducted at off-campus sites on designated registration dates. Additionally, all required textbooks can be purchased through the bookstore website. Students may request that on line orders are delivered to the Jasper Campus.


Hours of Operation:

Fall and Spring Semesters:
Monday through Friday – 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Summer Semesters:
Monday through Friday – 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.