Ropes Course

What is the ACRC?

Since 1998, the Angelina College Ropes Course (or affectionately called, the ACRC) has served local and non-local entities by offering a unique and challenging outdoor experience. Utilizing initiatives, low and high elements in a series of challenges, ACRC offers programs designed to improve the performance and cohesiveness of your group or team. All activities are conducted within a fun and supportive atmosphere, following strict safety standards established by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT).

ACRC Image 1Our course consists of a variety of low range elements and initiatives (from 0 – 6′) and high range elements (12 – 30’). We offer a “lows only” program for half day sessions, and a full day session that incorporates both highs and low programming. Hybrid (“lows” and “highs”) programs may be designed for half day experiences per special request. Multi-day sessions that incorporate the Ropes Course with skill trainings, classroom instruction, or leadership development are also available.

Program Experience

What Can We Expect During a Group Experience?

At ACRC, we strive to certify all our facilitators through ACCT-recognized vendors. We adhere to the “Challenge by Choice” philosophy which promotes full engagement of the participant at the level in which s/he is ready to commit. However, we sequence activities to encourage each participant to step out of their every-day comfort zone into their “optimal performance zone.” At ACRC, we tailor each experience to every group’s goals and/or objectives. And, in 2013, we proudly received the Program of the Year award from the Texas Experiential Resources Association (TERA) in recognition for the quality of service we provide to a large variety of groups.

Group Goals and Objectives

An example of goals that can be present on the AC Ropes Course are:ACRC Image 2

  • Leadership skills
  • Cooperation
  • Effective communication
  • Positive attitude
  • Trust
  • Problem solving
  • Group strength
  • Self empowerment

Groups Served

A sample of the group types we have served are:

  • Education
  • Athletics
  • Ministry
  • Community
  • Outreach
  • Corporate
  • Non-profits
  • Youth and Adult



Typical programming falls under two categories: half day (2-3.5 hours) and full day (3.5-6.5 hours).
We price programs at a flat rate for groups less or equal to 30 participants. The rates are:

  • $300 for a half day – includes games, initiatives and low range elements
  • $550 for a full day – includes games, initiatives, low range and high range elements

** An additional fee of $75.00 is added for every 10 participants after 30. Please note: We prefer group sizes less than 50 to help ensure quality programming!

Securing Your Date

You can click on our ACRC – FAQs link for general information and on how to reserve your group’s next AC Ropes Course experience OR:

You can also reach us with your questions and schedule your group date by emailing:!

ACRC Image 3

Where to Find Us

By Vehicle

We are located off the 3700 Block of Daniel McCall Drive, across the parking lot from the Activity Center on the Angelina College Campus.

By Mail

Our mailing address is:
Angelina College
PO Box 1768
Lufkin, TX 75902

Map (PDF)

AC Campus Map 2012