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In 1998, Angelina College and the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council of Deep East Texas partnered together to build a Challenge Course program on the college campus. Their joint effort has made it possible for school groups, college classes, community groups, private parties, and local businesses and industries to enjoy a challenging and rewarding experience close to home.

The Ropes Course is a series of challenges designed to improve the performance and cohesiveness of a group or team.

All of the activities are conducted within a safe, fun and supportive atmosphere. The challenge course program offers participants an opportunity for team building, establishing trust, encouraging cooperation, and emphasizing communication, while becoming effective members of group problem solving.

The program capitalizes on the experiential learning from fun games and enjoyable initiative problems; therefore, the personal and group experiences gained through participation may be used as a metaphor for many personal and professional challenges of everyday life.

Our philosophy is “Challenge by Choice,” which simply means that no participant will be forced to participate on an element. However, participants are strongly encouraged to go beyond their perceived limitations. The nudge to get outside of one’s personal “comfort zone” allows for immeasurable opportunities of growth.

Our course consists of eleven low range elements and initiatives (from 0 – 12′) and nine high range elements (around 30′). Certified facilitators can design a program for your group that includes both portions of the course in either a half-day or full day. Multi-day sessions that incorporate the Ropes Course with classroom trainings are also very effective.

The course can be scheduled on weekdays or on weekends. Boxed lunches or hot meals can be arranged through the college’s cafeteria for an extra fee. A tour of the college can also be provided in conjunction with a half-day on the Ropes Course.

For more information or to schedule the course for your group, please contact Sabrina Collins at 936-633-5235 or Community Services at 936-633-5205.

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