Accreditation and Planning Steering Committee 
Dr. Michael J. Simon (chair), Dr. Cynthia Casparis, Chris Sullivan, Steve Hudman, Tim Ditoro, Dana Smithhart, Jason Rogers (Chair of Faculty Forum), Diana Throckmorton, Judy Wright and Christina Cole.

Educational Programs
Dr. Casparis (chair), Annette Gillum, Laura Bush, Chandra Cheshire, Mark Yarnell, Janice Hartsfield, Angie Hill, Angela Johnson, Gary Friery, Annie Allen, Beckie Compton, Jeremy Sanches, Kim Meshell, Stefanie Vaughn, Jody Anderson, Ramona Boodoo-Frye, Kevin Fritze, Josh Currie, Occie Cluff and Cathy Jo Smith.

Financial and Physical Resources 
Melissa Goins (chair), Chris Sullivan, Joe Ceaser, Phylicia Spikes, Stephen Hammonds, Mike Sandlin and Casey Graham.

Institutional Effectiveness
Janice Huffman (Chair), Esther Campbell, Jan Anderson Paxson, David Turbeville, David Henson, Patty Donaldson, Jason Rogers, Kerwin Smith and Austin Clark.

Library & Information Technology
Jennifer Baldauf (Chair), Ken Street, Chris Fanning, Darin Murphy, Patty Rogers, Paula Nellessen, Rene McCain, Dr. Stacy Pfluger, Shelby Armstrong and Elizabeth Scott.

Quality Enhancement Program
Diana Throckmorton (chair), Dr. Daryl Lancaster, Judy Wright, Rachel Hunt, Conssandra Williams, Randy McKelvey and Dr. Carl Carey.

Student Affairs 
Steve Hudman (Chair), Gary Liebst, Peggy Denby, Gary Stallard, Sue Jones, Sandra Cox, Annie Allen, Kevin Wooten, Troy Dale Edwards, Larry Greer, Nick Wade, John Lee, James Mills, Tim Hollis, Kevin Stagg, Randy Holland, Jovvanta Mason-Gray and Nancy Reynolds.

Faculty Forum
Jason Rogers (Chair), Aaron Grimes (Recorder), Alicia Andreatta, Andrea Barrett, Suzi Honeywell, Benetha Jackson, John Lee and Vicky Milstead.