Concurrent – Dual Credit – Early College

Steps to follow to register for classes:

  1. Speak with your high school counselor first!
  2. Apply for admission.
  3. Verify your test score
  4. If you are not exempt from the TSI, take the TSI Pre-assessment Activity. Print off your certificate of completion. (link )
  5. Register for the TSI . The fee is non-refundable. Check with your high school counselor before registering for the test. They may have scheduled testing for you.
  6. Complete the Registration Form. Give the signed form to your high school counselor.
  7. Get documentation of your current bacterial meningitis immunization shot record.
  8. Send a copy of your high school transcript. Your counselor will help with this.
  9. Make sure your bill for classes is paid. Check with your counselor about payment.

*See Helpful Videos for more information on completing these steps.


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