Cool Tools

Achievements – Discusses how to use the Achievements tool in Blackboard.
Adding Students – Explains the process of adding students to your class.
Best Practices – Provides an overview of Best Practices in distance education courses.
Color Coding – Gives step-by-step instructions on how to use color coding in the Grade Center to quickly show you how your students are performing in your classes.
Course Reports – Presents an explanation on the various kinds of course reports and how to access them.
Going Accessible – Why instructors should adopt the principles of accessibility in their classes.
Grade Center – Downloading the grade book
Download Gradebook – Shows you how to download the gradebook in Blackboard.
Email v. Course Messages – Explains the differences between using email and Blackboard’s course messages so that you can choose which one you want to use in your class.
Rubrics – Shows you how to set-up and use rubrics in your Blackboard class.
SmarterMeasure – How do you know if your students are ready to take an online class? How do they know?
Student Preview – Presents an overview of the new Student Preview tool in Blackboard.
The End is Near – Tells you how to archive your Blackboard courses for long-term storage.
The Retention Center – Discusses how to use the retention center to track your at-risk students in your Blackboard class.
There’s an App – Presents information about the Blackboard Mobile App and its limitations and advantages.