Log in to Blackboard

Blackboard Log in Tutorial

How to log in:

    Your username will be the first three digits of your student ID number, the initial of your first name and your last name, all lowercase. Example: 123jsmith

    Your password will be the last six digits of your student ID number. 

    Students needing assistance with Blackboard should email bbhelpdesk@angelina.edu, call the Helpdesk at 936-633-5208 or visit room 107 in the Administation Building.

Please note: If you are having problems, try another browser. Browsers are free to download, we recommend Chrome and Opera. Explorer 11 and Firefox will work, but sometimes you have to configure them to work properly. Allow pop-ups for these sites. If a discussion board or submitting files is not working, try another browser. If you are having trouble accessing from home, try another computer to verify your account is working, the computers in the library are a good place to test access. A direct link to Blackboard is angelina.blackboard.com, you can bookmark that page for fast access.

Instructors: You are responsible for content you place into Blackboard. Your past course and course content needs to be archived or removed from Blackboard. Any content not in a Master class or Sandbox will be removed in August.

 If you have questions about archiving or saving course content you have in Blackboard please see Dr. Tom McKinney, tmckinney@angelina.edu, 936 633-4522.


I can't log in to Blackboard.

You may just need to be put into the system, don't panic. Call the Helpdesk at 936-633-5208 or email bbhelpdesk@angelina.edu with your name and student ID. Come to room 107 in the Administration Building in the Information Technology Department and we can quickly fix your problems and answer any questions you have about logging into any campus services.

I need help.

My name is Mark Reeves, I am the Blackboard Administrator and students who are having problems can contact me at 936 633-5208 or email me at mreeves@angelina.edu. If you are on the main AC campus you are welcome to come by the Blackboard Helpdesk located in room 107 in the Administration Office, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. Instructors should contact Dr. Tom McKinney at 936 633-4522.

Anytime you seem to be having trouble doing something through Blackboard, such as, content is not showing, you cannot upload a file, MyLabsPlus is not working.

The first thing to do is to try a different browser. We recommend you have multiple browsers as they all work and display things differently. Some things in Blackboard use pop-up windows and the latest Java and Flash. You can configure most browsers to get them to work properly but sometimes it is easier to just install a new browser that will do what you need to do. These are all free to download. For PC's, we recommend Chrome and Opera. If you are having trouble using Explorer 11 or Firefox, try a different browser. This fixes 90% of the problems in trying to do something in Blackboard. For Macs use Safari or Firefox. Most browsers have mobile versions available for tablets. For a list of supported browsers see Browser Support. Download Flash if having problems seeing content in MyLabsPlus, Pearson, Aplia or Cengage and allow pop-up windows for those sites.

I want to access Blackboard from my iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device.

You can access Blackboard Learn on any mobile device by typing angelina.blackboard.com into a mobile browser. Angelina College supports the Mobile App for Apple and Android, search in your mobile store for Blackboard Learn. The app is free but you will have to pay a few dollars for a subscription. We do not recommend taking tests or uploading/downloading files through a mobile device using our campus wireless system. We are in the process of upgrading our campus wireless system. Currently enrolled students can login to the WiFi system using your Blackboard username and password. Information about campus WiFi can be found here.

I was in the middle of taking a test or writing a post when I lost everything.

Unfortunately, the information is probably lost permanently. You will need to recreate the information. If you experience problems during a test and cannot continue, contact your instructor and let them know of your attempt. The instructor will verify with IT to review your activity and any problems that may have occured with Blackboard. If a lot of typing is involved, do that in a word program and paste your text into Blackboard, that way you will retain a copy. Reasons it may have dropped include, the Internet connection dropped or the browser was refreshed. Do not refresh the browser during a test. Blackboard has a security setting, 90 minutes, that logs you out if it doesn't receive any input for a period of time.

I have question not listed above.

There is an FAQ available from Blackboard, as well as basic information for students new to Blackboard.


MyLabsPlus - Direct link to log into labs

Download Opera a great little free browser for Blackboard

Download Adobe Flash Player

Download Java