The Counseling Center provides a variety of quality services including educational development, career development, personal development, and personal counseling.

Academic advising normally begins which a student submits their Application for Admission.  A counselor reviews the application with the new student, checks TSI status, discusses educational goals, and then makes appropriate referrals. Typical referrals include testing, financial aid, New Student Orientation, student support services, or an advisor in their field of study.  Individual counseling is available with a staff of professional counselors.  Students who have not chosen a field of study will continue to be advised by the counselors in the Counseling Center. The professional counseling staff assists in teaching our required Freshman Student Success course.  This course covers such topics as time management, reading, note-taking, test-taking skills, diversity, and critical thinking skills.

The Counseling Center includes a career center where our students may obtain career information and explore their interests, skills, and values. The Campbell Interest and Skill Survey Career Planner provides excellent programs to explore careers.  Professional counselors are available to help students evaluate the results of these computer-based guidance programs.

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