New Student Orientation FAQs

The following are the most frequently asked questions pertaining to New Student Orientation. Please read through these and if you have additional questions feel free to contact us at

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Do I have to complete New Student Orientation?
To help ease the transition to college, we require that all of our first time students complete New Student Orientation online. The following describes special circumstances for possible exemption:

  • Transfer students with more than 12 credit hours are not required, but encouraged to complete the orientation online.
  • Students graduating high school are required to complete orientation regardless of the number of credit hours acquired while a concurrent or dual enrollment student.
  • Students who believe they are exempt from orientation, should contact to request an exemption.

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What can I expect during online Orientation?

  • Learn to identify and describe campus resources and services
  • Gain knowledge and understanding about the financial obligations of attending college and applying for financial aid on-line.
  • Understand the importance of dates, deadlines, and time management as success tools in higher education.
  • Learn to utilize Campus Connect, student e-mail, and Blackboard in addition to other functions in your on-line account.
  • Identify degree or certificate program requirements for graduation and understand how to interpret the college catalog language.

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Am I ready to complete my Orientation online?
Review the below checklist: If you can answer “yes” to all of the following you are ready to complete your orientation online.

  • I have completed the AC admissions application.
  • I have completed placement testing or I am exempt from doing so AND I have provided the scores to Angelina College.
  • I have turned in my Texas residency proof (Examples of residency proof).
  • I have turned in my high school transcript

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How do I access the online Orientation?
To access the Roadrunner New Student Orientation:

1.Log on to the AC portal.

Username: first 3 digits of your student ID, first initial of your first name, and your last name.
Password: your entire student ID, 9 digits.
Example: Jane Student, student ID #123456789, birthdate 01/02/1992
Username: 123jstudent
Password: 123456789

2.Click on the CampusConnect Tab
3.Click on the “Click Here for New Student Orientation” link in the middle of the page. (See below)


4. After completing the online Orientation, you MUST check your AC student email for your next steps. For instructions on accessing your AC student email click here.

5. Contact the Office of Academic Support Services at (936) 633-5212 to schedule an appointment for registration.

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How many times can I take the online Orientation?
Students may take the online Orientation twice. After two attempts, students who do not meet the minimum score will be required to sign up to attend a Roadrunner Welcome Day.

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When can I register for classes?
Students may contact the Office of Academic Support Services at (936) 633-5212 to schedule an appointment for registration AFTER completing the online orientation.
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What is Roadrunner Welcome Day?
Roadrunner Welcome Day is an on-campus Orientation event where students will meet other students, faculty and staff, be introduced to campus services, and get questions answered. Please note, you will NOT register for classes on this day.

Each Roadrunner Welcome Day begins promptly at 9:30 a.m.

2016 Roadrunner Welcome Days:

• August 9
• August 12
• August 19

To sign up for a date, you MUST have completed the online orientation. Students who arrive at Roadrunner Welcome Day and have not completed the online orientation will be asked to reschedule.

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I never received an email, what do I do next?

Students who complete the online orientation in its entirety, should receive an email to their AC student email account within 72 hours of completion. This email will include information regarding next steps, and let you know IF you need to sign up to attend a Roadrunner Welcome Day.

If you do not receive an email, please contact