Documents for Verifying Texas Residency

The documents listed below may be used to prove your eligibility for in-state tuition rates. You must submit documents which show you have lived in Texas for at least 12 months prior to the semester you are registering.

  • Texas high school transcript for the full senior year immediately preceding the semester enrolled (can be used when applying to start in the Fall semester only).
  • Texas college or university transcript in conjunction with a letter from that admissions office confirming you are a Texas resident.
  • An employer’s statement listing dates of employment and address on file.
  • A permanent driver’s license at least one year old (see issue date on license).
  • Current Texas voter registration card
  • Lease agreement that includes student’s name and period covered
  • Property tax payment for the year preceding enrollment.
  • Utility bills for the year preceding enrollment.
  • A current credit report that documents the student’s length and place of residence.
  • An income tax form showing student’s name and address.
  • A signed, dated and notarized comprehensive residency questionnaire.
  • Other third party documentation that confirms residency status for the 12-month period preceding enrollment.
  • For a homeless individual, documentation may consist of written statements from the office of one or more legitimate social service agencies located in Texas, attesting to the provision of services to the individual over the previous 12 month period.