Many different types of scholarships are available at Angelina College. Are you interested in music? Check out the scholarships available from our music department. Are you artistically inclined? Did you graduate at the head of your class? Scholarships are available for you. Angelina College offers over 200 scholarship awards during the fall and spring semesters. For scholarship information, call 936 633-5291, or come by Room 208 in the Student Center.

Scholarship Donors

Adell Poland Memorial Nursing Scholarship for Angelina County residents majoring in nursing, $600, Scholarship Committee

Allen L. & Neta M. Powell Nursing Scholarship for a male, full-time nursing student from the Angelina County area, $250, Scholarship Committee

Alpha Beta Chi Scholarship--$100 per semester, Lufkin High School seniors. Apply at Lufkin High School, 309 S. Medford Dr., Lufkin, TX 75901.

Andrew & Ruth Lester Hubbard Memorial Endowment Nursing Scholarship for full-time nursing majors, Scholarship Committee

Angelina Challenge Award is a unique scholarship program that challenges all high school students to graduate from high school and set goals that lead to college or technical careers.

High school seniors in any public high school in Angelina County will be considered for this award upon submission of a copy of their parents' most recent income tax return and Student Information Data Form to the coordinator of scholarships.

This scholarship was established on the 25 anniversary of Angelina College through an endowment started with a donation from the estate of Ms. Effie Boon, a lifelong public school teacher from Angelina County who valued the opportunity of public education.

This scholarship is currently limited to the first 70 qualified applicants, but will be increased to include all high school graduates of the county as the Angelina Challenge endowment is increased.

Angelina College Service League Scholarship for full-time students, Scholarship Committee

Angelina College Students in Free Enterprise Scholarship for business majors, Students in Free Enterprise Sponsor, Angelina College

Angelina County Medical Auxiliary Health Scholarship for health careers majors, tuition, fees, books, and fees, Scholarship Committee

Audrey Medford-National Wild Turkey Federation Art Scholarship for a full-time art major who displays an interest in wildlife and natural resource management, tuition, books and fees, Scholarship Committee

Bartlett and Spivey Health Careers Scholarship for full time health careers majors, $500, Scholarship Committee

Beatrice Berry - Robbie Gilbert Memorial Scholarship for full time, outstanding and deserving female students from Angelina County, majoring in nursing or business, Scholarship Committee

Billie Whitaker Endowment Scholarship for a graduate of Diboll High School, $200-$300, Diboll High School counselor

Bonehill Foundation Nursing Scholarship
These scholarships assist students in the Nursing Programs who are from Angelina, Nacogdoches, San Augustine, Sabine, or Shelby counties. Students may be enrolled full-time in either the A.D.N. or L.V.N. program.

Boon Opportunity Award for adults seeking the opportunity to continue their education by returning to school from the world of work, homemaking, or students completing their G.E.D. This scholarship is designed for older students who are encouraged to pursue higher education through G.E.D. scores, employer recommendation, or economic need. May be a part-time student. $250, Scholarship Committee

Brent Jones Memorial Rodeo Club Scholarship for second-year member of the Angelina College Rodeo Club who shows willingness for hard work and leadership in Rodeo Club activities, Scholarship Committee

Captain John C. Hurst Memorial Scholarship for deserving full-time students with leadership potential, $200, Scholarship Committee

Chick-Fil-A Scholarship for students enrolled at Angelina College while working for Chick-Fil-A, $500, Chick-Fil-A

Cody "O" Oliver Memorial Scholarship, $125 per semester, awarded through Hudson High School.

C.W. "Jiggs" Medford Scholarship for a deserving full-time AC student,, $150, Scholarship Committee

David Carl Arnett Memorial Scholarship for business or accounting majors, Scholarship Committee

Diboll Memorial Post 8933 V.F.W. Scholarship for a Diboll High School graduate, tuition, books and supplies up to $500 a semester for two years, Diboll High School counselor

Disabled American Veterans Scholarship for a descendant of a member of DAV, $500 a semester for full-time student, smaller amounts for part-time students, Disabled American Veterans Chapter No. 84, P.O. Box 427, Lufkin, Texas 75901

Dr. Al Bassinger Memorial Scholarship for full time science or health careers majors, $125 to be applied toward tuition, fees and books, Scholarship Committee

Dr. J.C. Clement Nursing Scholarship for full time nursing majors,$150, Scholarship Committee

Dr. R.K. Arnett, M.D. and June Horton Arnett Memorial Scholarship for health careers majors, $250, Scholarship Committee

Doris Lynn Atmar Nursing Scholarship for female students, enrolled full time in the nursing program, tuition, fees and books, Scholarship Committee

E.C. Burley Memorial Scholarship for a deserving student from Angelina County, Tuition, Citizens Chamber of Commerce/Scholarship Committee

Edith Rae Thornton Memorial Nursing Scholarship for a full-time, second-year nursing student from the Nacogdoches area, Scholarship Committee

Elizabeth Blair/Mary Clark Endowment Fine Arts Scholarship for a fine arts major, $150, Fine Arts Division/Scholarship Committee

Elma Hawkins Henderson Scholarship for a full-time or a part-time student with priority given to pre-education majors, $250, Scholarship Committee

Emilie Oates Scholarship for students from the Diboll area who are enrolled in at least 12 semester hours, $300, Scholarship Committee

Estes Family Scholarship
The Estes family established this scholarship in 2006 to outstanding assist math, science, or art majors in their educational pursuits.

Eunice Sullivan Vickrey Memorial Scholarship for a sophomore voice major, Fine Arts Division

Ms. Evie Hutson Memorial Scholarship – This scholarship was endowed by the Apple Springs High Old Timers Association to assist Apple Springs High School graduates. Recipients must maintain a 3.00 GPA.

Ethel & Curry McElroy Nursing Scholarship for nursing majors, tuition, Scholarship Committee, tuition, Scholarship Committee

Fenley & Bate Paralegal Scholarship for full-time paralegal majors, $250, Scholarship Committee

Fine Arts Scholarship for fine arts majors, Fine Arts Division

Fluid Power Education Foundation Scholarship for students in the fluid power program, $250, Scholarship Committee

Gary "Butch" Hennessee Jr. Memorial Scholarship, tuition assistance, full- or part-time student who is not receiving any other "need" based assistance.

Gary Michael Lawrence Memorial Nursing Scholarship for a full-time, nursing major, $150, Scholarship Committee

General Endowment Scholarship for students enrolled at Angelina College, Scholarship Committee

Griffith-Ford Scholarship for a deserving second-year radiologic science major with financial need, Tuition and fees of clinical course, Scholarship Committee

H.C. Polk, Jr. Memorial Scholarship for a full-time student who is a resident of Angelina County, $300, Scholarship Committee

Helen Joy Reeves Loomer Men's Basketball/Radiography Memorial Scholarship for full-time students associated with men's basketball or radiography, $250, Roadrunner Club/men's basketball coach

Horace and Vivian Gillespie Memorial General Scholarship Endowment Scholarship for a full-time student from the AC service area who is majoring in liberal arts, science or nursing, Scholarship Committee

Houston Livestock Show Scholarship for students attending Angelina College, Houston Livestock Association, P.O. Box 20070, Houston, TX 77225

Howard Kuscher Achievement Award in Theater Arts for a full time student, preference given to a theater major from Polk County, tuition, fees and books up to $350, Fine Arts Division

Hydraquip Corporation Scholarship for high school students majoring in fluid power, tuition, fees and books up to $500, Scholarship Committee

Joe Murray-Joe Ed Murray, Sr. Journalism Scholarship for students interested in journalism, $150, Scholarship Committee

John A. & Nina Choate Scholarship for a nursing student and a student from the Broaddus area, $250, Scholarship Committee

John G. "Jack" Humphrey Endowed Engineering Scholarship for full-time engineering majors, Scholarship Committee

John G. Saxton Memorial Scholarship for any deserving full-time student, $200, Scholarship Committee

John W. Baldwin Liberal Arts Scholarship for liberal arts majors, $250, Scholarship Committee

Joyce Dodson Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established by the family of Joyce Dodson as an ongoing tribute to her life and memory. A retired public school teacher and former reading mentor at AC, Ms. Dodson had a lifelong interest in teaching others.

Justin Colt Briley Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established by the family and friends of Justin Colt Briley to honor the memory of a kind, outgoing, and likeable young man, who was an Angelina College student and a graduate of Chireno High School who died in September 2004.
Eligibility: Full-time student who is a graduate of Chireno High School

Ladies Auxiliary V.F.W. Post #1836 General Scholarship for a deserving student, $300, Scholarship Committee

Ladies Auxiliary V.F.W. Post #1836 Nursing Scholarship for a deserving nursing major, $300, Scholarship Committee

Lieutenant Howard Joseph Walker Memorial Scholarship
Judge David Walker and his wife, Virginia Walker, established this scholarship in honor of Lt. Howard Joseph Walker who was killed in action in the Korean War on October 6, 1952. He was always known as “Joe”. He loved fishing, hunting, and scouting. He was a 1945 graduate of Lufkin High School and a 1949 graduate of Sam Houston State University. He enlisted in the U.S. Air Force shortly after college and became a fighter pilot. He was the son of Howard and Ethel Walker. This scholarship is to recognize an outstanding business major.

Lloyd David Parker Baseball Scholarship for a student in the baseball program, $125, Scholarship Committee

Local Law Enforcement Scholarship for an active, paid law enforcement officer in Angelina County or an immediate family member,  Angelina College Scholarship Coordinator through the student's employer

Lufkin Coca Cola Centennial Scholarship
This scholarship was established by the Lufkin Coca-Cola Bottling Company in 2005 in honor of its centennial. It represents a continuing commitment to the community and to the support of education.

Lufkin Industries Scholarship for graduating seniors with at least one parent employed by Lufkin Industries, Lufkin Industries

Lufkin Jaycees Scholarship for a student from Angelina County, Lufkin Jaycees

Lufkin Kiwanis Scholarship for deserving students from Angelina County, Lufkin Kiwanis Club, P.O. Box 326, Lufkin, TX 75902

Lufkin Music Study Scholarship for a music major, $125, Fine Arts Division

Lufkin Rotary Club Scholarship for students with an outstanding record of community service in school and civic activities, tuition, fees and books up to $500, Scholarship Committee

Lufkin Study Club Scholarship for a liberal arts major, including English, history, government, journalism, sociology and psychology, $100, Mary Wilson, Department of English at Angelina College

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Perry Scholarship for a full-time, deserving student, $125, Scholarship Committee

Mr. & Mrs. Joe C. Denman, Jr. Endowment Scholarship for graduates of Diboll High School, $500, Diboll High School counselor

Mr. & Mrs. M.C. Spivey Memorial Scholarship for art majors , $300-$500, Fine Arts Division

Mr. & Mrs. O.J. Moss Memorial Scholarship for full-time music majors, tuition, Fine Arts Division

Mary S.F. Naranjo-Gibson Scholarship for full-time, second-year Hispanic female health careers majors, Scholarship Committee

Melvin & Era Gibbs Memorial Automotive Scholarship for automotive technology majors, Scholarship Committee

Mike C. Milliff Scholarship for a full-time student enrolled at AC, $200, Scholarship Committee

Minnie W. and Ralph Arnett Sr. Memorial Scholarship for a student who needs child care services at Buckner Family Place, Scholarship Committee

Morgan M. Flournoy Endowment Scholarship for a full time student, $200, Scholarship Committee

Nacogdoches Medical Center Volunteer Auxiliary Health Careers Scholarship for full-time health career majors, Scholarship Committee

Nina & Joe Kartye Scholarship for a full-time student at Angelina College, $135, Scholarship Committee

Oscar Brookshire Endowment Scholarship for full time students majoring in business, $500, Scholarship Committee

Parrish Memorial Scholarship No restrictions, $150, Scholarship Committee

Paul M. Durham Memorial endowment Journalism Scholarship for journalism majors, $150, Scholarship Committee

Persis Shearer Memorial Art Endowment Scholarship for a deserving art major, $300, Fine Arts Division

Pineywood Transportation Club Scholarship for high school seniors from Angelina County or the immediate area, $500, Pineywoods Transportation Club, P.O. Box 554, Lufkin, TX 75902-9554

R.E. (Mutt) Barr Memorial Endowment Scholarship for full time students who display need, Scholarship Committee

Rebecca Townsend Scholarship for a full-time student at Angelina College, $150, Scholarship Committee

Robert L. Poland Engineering Scholarship for Angelina County residents majoring in engineering, $600, Scholarship Committee

Shands Family Endowed Scholarship for students with financial need that is not met by other scholarships, state, or federal financial aid. Priority is given to students majoring in high demand occupations, $100 to $300, Financial Aid Office

Southland Foundation Scholarship for graduates of accredited Texas high schools with preference given to graduates from the East Texas area. The applicant should rank in the upper 20 percent of the graduating class. $500, Scholarship Committee

Square and Compass Scholarship for students with a Masonic or Eastern Star relationship in one of the participating lodges, have a 3.0 GPA, be involved in extra curricular activities and have a good school attendance record. $200, Applications available through local Masonic Lodges/decisions made by Angelina College Scholarship Committee

Stephen Foster Music Club Scholarship for a full-time music major, $100, Fine Arts Division

T.L.L. Temple Foundation Scholarship for graduates in the top 20 percent of their graduating class in accredited high schools in Angelina, Anderson, Cass, Cherokee, Hardin, Harris, Houston, Jasper, Jefferson, Liberty, Nacogdoches, Newton, Orange, Panola, Polk, Rusk, Sabine, San Augustine, San Jacinto, Shelby, Trinity and Tyler counties. $500, Scholarship Committee

The Reverend H.E. Small Memorial Scholarship for deserving full-time Angelina College students, $125, Scholarship Committee

Vernon R. Berry Memorial Scholarship for full time honor students, $150-$500, Scholarship Committee

Vivian Ezelle Johnson Aid to the Disabled Scholarship for a student with a disability.

W.J. Harbuck Memorial Scholarship for a full-time student majoring in business or agriculture, $150, Scholarship Committee

Wood D. Newsom Nursing Scholarship for full-time students from Angelina, Trinity or Polk counties interested in private duty nursing, $125, Scholarship Committee

Other groups who have contributed to Angelina College scholarships include:

American Association of University Women, Lufkin Branch
Beverly Enterprises
Simon and Loucille Henderson Foundation
Mrs. Leland T. Jordan
Lufkin Association of Independent Insurance Agents
Nations Bank
Linda and E.G. Ratliff
Friends of Mrs. Mary Ellen Rowland
Friends and Family of Dr. Ernest Seitz
Vivian L Simpson and Family
Sarah Henderson Taylor and Family
Lufkin Area Local American Postal Workers Union

Jennifer Standley

Scholarship Coordinator

(936) 633-4545