Angelina College Testing Center is committed to helping students succeed in their college endeavors. This commitment is kept through early evaluation and assessment of the student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Located on the second floor of the Student Center, the testing center has been designated as an official testing center for PearsonVue and Prometric exams and a number of national and state testing programs. The following measurement and credentialing programs are administered through the Angelina College testing center:

American College Testing Program (ACT)

The College Board

Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers standards & Education (TCOLE)

General Education Developments (CB-GED)

Health Education Systems, Inc. (HESI) A2 Admissions Exams (RN/VN)

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

American Medical Technologists (AMT)

National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA)

Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning EPA Certification (HVAC)

Child Development Associate National Credentialing program (CDA)

National Institute for Automotive Excellence (ASE)

Testing services are available in Jasper, Livingston, and Crockett off-campus instructional sites on a schedule basis. Available testing services and testing schedules for all sites may be accessed through the testing website at www.angelina.edu/testing



Students who cannot test under standard conditions should request special testing accommodations.

The Testing Center provides reasonable accommodations as defined in the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504 and the American Disabilities Act of 1990 for qualified individual with a disability. The college will make reasonable testing accommodations for students with a diagnosed physical and/or learning disability. If special accommodations are required, the student must obtain an Angelina College Disability Accommodation packet from the Office of Student Services and have an interview with a disabilities services counselor. Current medical and/or psychological documentation must be submitted to substantiate the disability with the Application for Disabilities Services.  A special needs committee will review the application and supporting documentation. Upon completion of the Disability Accommodation packet and interview, the student must provide the Angelina College Testing Center with a copy of the approved accommodations. For more information concerning disabilities services you should contact the Office of Student Services located in the Student Center, Room 200,  or contact the Associated Dean of Student Services at shunt@angelina.edu.



The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a state-mandated program that applies to all students enrolling in Texas public colleges and universities for the first-time beginning the first class day of fall 2013. Students are required to take the TSI assessment to demonstrate college readiness, if they are not exempt. The exemptions include: achieving at or above the state exemption scores on ACT, SAT, TAKS, or STARR End of Course (EOC), earned an associate or baccalaureate degree, completed college-level coursework at a private or independent institution of higher education or an accredited out-of-state institution of higher education. For additional exemptions refer to the “Admissions” section of this catalog.

The TSI Assessment is an instructional program designed to enhance the success of students in college-level courses. The program promotes the early diagnosis of basic skills in reading, mathematics (algebra & statistics), and writing, and mandates programs to ensure the success of students in higher education.

Based on how you perform you may either be enrolled in a college-level course that matches your skill level or be placed in the appropriate developmental course or intervention to improve your skills and prepare you for success in college-level courses.


Mandatory Pre-Assessment Activity

Before you take the TSI Assessment, you must participate in a Pre-Assessment Activity. Angelina College provides the Pre-Assessment Activity and documents your participation, it is required that you complete this activity before you take the test. You will not be allowed to take the TSI Assessment until you have completed this activity. The activity includes the following:

  • An explanation of the importance of the TSI Assessment;
  • Practice test questions and feedback;
  • An explanation of all your developmental education options, if you don’t meet the minimum passing standard; and
  • Information on campus and community resources that will help you succeed as a college student.


Credit by Examination

A student who has attained college-level proficiency in high school or by independent study or other means can earn credit for college courses by examination provided he or she meets the minimum score requirements. Angelina College offers credit based on 1) departmental examinations, 2) The College Board Advanced Placement (AP), 3) the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBD), 3) Course by Pass – Spanish and 4) College Level Examination Programs (CLEP).

Credit by examination policies:

  1. Credit by examination is open to students who have been admitted to or currently enrolled at Angelina College.
  2. Students may earn a maximum of 24 hours through credit by examination.
  3. Students must meet minimum score requirements of a “B” or better to receive credit on departmental exams, 3 and above on AP exams, or 4 and above on IBD and 50 or above on CLEP Subject Exams.
  4. Credits are posted on the official transcript upon the completion of one semester; students must complete a Petition to Record Credit by Exam (PRCE) which may be obtained from the Testing Center.
  5. Angelina College Departmental Exams may be attempted only once in any given course; the College Board Advanced Placement may be repeated on any scheduled test date and CLEP may be retaken every six months.
  6. Credit by exam may not be taken for a course in which student has been enrolled after the 12th class day, has audited or has completed.


Procedures and Fees

  1. Credit By Examination score reports must be submitted to the testing center for interpretation and processing (i.e., AP, CLEP, IBD).
  2. The testing center will submit to the appropriate division director the necessary forms required to post credit on the official transcript.
  3. Departmental exam and Course By Passing information may be obtained from the testing center.
  4. Departmental exams are $20.00 and are payable to Angelina College and must be submitted to the testing center along with the registration admissions form two weeks prior to the exam date.
  5. Upon receiving grades or score reports the testing center will forward to the student a written notification of the credit earned or denied. Those students who attain the minimum score required for granting credit must inform the testing center in writing of their intentions to accept or decline the credit they have earned by completing a Petition to Record Credit by Exam (PRCE).


The College Board Advanced Placement (AP)

The College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations are not offered on the Angelina College campus; however, some AP Examinations are accepted for granting credit at Angelina College credit. Student grade reports containing scores of 3 or above must be submitted to the testing office along with a written request.

The AP Examinations are offered once a year in May, usually in high schools that offer college-level courses based on AP course descriptions. Each high school that gives the examinations sets its own registration deadline (no later than March) and collects fees.

Reports of AP Examination results are mailed by the College Board in mid-July to institutions listed as recipients by students. (The College Board code for Angelina College is 6025).

The AP Examinations test students over subject matter outlined in the AP course descriptions prepares by the College Board. The descriptions, which include sample questions, are available from some high school counselors and from the Advanced Placement Program website at http://apcentral.collegeboard.com/home

If no high school in the vicinity is administering AP Examinations, students interested in taking AP Examinations should contact AP Services for information, by February 1st.


Advanced Placement Chart (AP)

AP Test SubjectAC Course NumberMinimum ScoreCredit Hours
MacroeconomicsECON 230133
MicroeconomicsECON 230233
Art HistoryARTS 1303 & 130436
Studio Art - 2D DesignARTS 131133
Studio Art - 3D DesignARTS 234333
Studio Art - DrawingARTS 131633
Music TheoryMUSI 1311 & 131236
English Language/CompositionENGL 130133
English Literature/CompositionENGL 130233
Human GeographyGEOG 130133
U.S. Government & PoliticsGOVT 230533
United States HistoryHIST 1301 & 130236
European HistoryHIST 2311 & 231236
PsychologyPSYC 230133
Spanish Language & CultureSPAN 1411 & 141238
Spanish Language & CultureSPAN 1411, 1412 & 23114 and above11
BiologyBIOL 1408 & 140938
Environmental ScienceBIOL 2306/210634
ChemistryCHEM 1411 & 141238
Computer Science-ACOSC 130133
StatisticsMATH 134233
Calculus ABMATH 241334
Calculus BCMATH 2413 & 241438
Physics C-MechanicsPHYS 140134
Physics C-Elec. & Magn.PHYS 140234
Physics 1: Algebra BasedPHYS 242534
Physics 2: Algebra BasedPHYS 242634


The International Baccalaureate Program

(S.B. No. 111, effective 1/2006)

Entering freshmen students who graduate with the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBD) can receive college credit of at least 24 hours based on the completion of IB standard or higher level courses with a score of 4 or higher. If a score of less than 4 on an IBD exam is documented, fewer than 24 SCH will be granted. An equivalency chart identifying the number of semester credit hours may be obtained in the counseling center. An official transcript of grades must be submitted to the Records Office for evaluation. IBD credit hours will be posted on the official transcript as credit (CR) upon completion of one semester of enrollment and submission of the petition to record credit by examination application which may be obtained from the Testing Center.


IB – International Baccalaureate Program Equivalency Chart

Art (visual) 5 4 ART 1301 3
Biology 4 BIOL. 1408 4
Business Management 5 4 BUSI. 1301 3
Chemistry 6 CHEM.1411 & 1412 8
Chemistry 6 CHEM.1305 & 11051307 & 1107 8
Computer Science 5 4 COSC 1315 3
Economics 5 4 ECO.2301 & 2302 6
English  A1 5 4  1301 & 1302 6
5+ ENG. 1301, 1302 & select 2 from: ENG. 2307, 2326, or 2341 12
Geography 5 4 GEO. 1303
History 5 4 HIST. 100 LEVEL 3
5+ HIST.1301 & 1302 6
Mathematics 3 MATH 1332 3
4 MATH 2413 4
3 MATH 1324 3
3 MATH 2412 3
Music 5 4 MUSI 1306 3
Physics 5 4 PHYS.1305 & 1105 4
Psychology 5 4 PSYC 2301 3
Theatre Arts 5 4 DRAM 1310 3


The College Level Examination Program (Clep Cbt)

The CLEP Subject Examinations measure achievement in specific subject areas acquired through independent study, correspondence work, and career experiences. These exams require college-level knowledge and critical thinking ability. Angelina College is not an official test center for the CLEP but some subject exams with scores of 50+ are equivalent to Angelina College courses. Contact the Angelina College Testing Center or the Director of Testing and Student Development for course equivalency information. A list of CLEP testing centers maybe obtained from The College Board at the website:http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/clep/about.html


Course By-Pass

Advanced placement with credit for courses by-passed may be earned in Spanish. Students who have completed course work in Spanish with a grade of B or better at an accredited high school may earn up to eight hours credit in accordance with the following eligibility requirement:

  1. Students who have completed one year of high school Spanish with a grade of B, or better, may enroll in Spanish 1412 and by-pass Spanish 1411. Four hours credit will be granted for Spanish 1411 provided that a grade of C or better is earned in Spanish 1412.
  1. Students who have completed two years of high school Spanish with an average grade of B or better, may enroll in Spanish 2311 and by-pass Spanish 1411 and 1412. Eight hours of credit will be granted for Spanish 1411 and 1412 provided that a grade of C or better is earned in Spanish 2311.
  1. In both cases, the student must apply for the by-pass credit through the Testing center by completing a Credit By Pass application and paying the required fee of $20 per course to the Business Office.

*Fees are non-refundable. To obtain information about credit by examination, including testing schedules, eligibility requirements, test descriptions, sample questions and fees, log on to www.angelina.edu/testing/index.html or contact the Testing Center, located in the Student Center, Rm. 200D.

College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP)

The CLEP Subject Examinations measure achievement in specific subject areas acquired through independent study, correspondence work, and career experiences. These exams require college-level knowledge and critical thinking ability. Angelina College is not an official test center for the CLEP but some subject exams with scores of 50+ are equivalent to Angelina College courses. Contact the Angelina College Testing Center or the Director of Testing and Student Development. For course equivalency information refer to the chart below or visit www.angelina.edu/testing/index.html. A list of CLEP testing centers may be obtained from The College Board at: http://www.collegeboard.org/search/test-centers

CLEP Subject ExamAC CourseMinimum ScoreCredit Hours
Principles of Financial AccountingACCT 2301503
Introduction to Business LawBUSI 2301503
Principles of MacroeconomicsECON 2301503
Principles of MicroeconomicsECON 2302503
Principles of ManagementBMGT 1327503
Principles of MarketingMRKG 1311503
College CompositionENGL 1301503
College Composition ModularENGL 1302503
American LiteratureENGL 2326503
Analyzing & Interpreting LiteratureENGL 2327 or ENGL 2328503
American GovernmentGOVT 2305503
U.S. History I: Pre-Columbian to 1865HIST 1301503
U.S. History II: 1648 to the PresentHIST 1302503
Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 1648HIST 2311503
Western Civilization II: 1648 to the PresentHIST 2312503
Psychology, IntroductoryPSYC 2301503
Human Growth and DevelopmentPSYC 2314503
Sociology, IntroductorySOCI 1301503
Spanish LanguageSPAN 1411 & 141250-608
Spanish LanguageSPAN 1411, 1412, 2311 & 231261<14
BiologyBIOL 1408 & 1409508
ChemistryCHEM 1411 & 1412508
Information Systems & Computer ApplicationsCOSC 1301503
College AlgebraMATH 1314503
College MathematicsMATH 1350503
Pre-CalculusMATH 2412504
CalculusMATH 2413504

Credit for Military Courses

AC will evaluate courses completed DANTES based on credit recommendation in the American Council on Education reference Guide to Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services. Semester credit hours granted under this policy and the semester credit hours granted for College Level Examination Program (CLEP) together may not total more than 24. Students enrolled at AC wishing to have their educational experience through the DANTES transcript evaluated for possible credit should comply with the following procedures:

  • The student should submit records showing completion of educational experiences in DANTES courses, which include the following: educational transcripts, discharge papers, and test scores. The student is responsible for furnishing satisfactory evidence to the evaluator.
  • The Records Office references the submitted documents for credit recommendation from the Guide to Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services.
  • If a recommendation cannot be located, the student may request a recommendation from the American Council of Education in Washington, D.C.
  • The evaluator completes the credit application and forwards it to the appropriate AC division chair.
  • The department chair will grant or deny credit for a specific corresponding AC course.
  • Credit will appear on the student’s transcripts.
  • The student who requests an evaluation of military courses must complete at least one semester credit hour in residence before appropriate credit is posted to their academic record.



The library is dedicated to providing information access and research assistance to the Angelina College community of students, faculty, and staff both substantively and virtually. The Angelina College Library houses more than 35,000 titles and provides access to ebooks, electronic reference resources and thousands of electronic periodical titles. Besides reference and research assistance, the AC Library offers information literacy instruction, variable study spaces, study rooms, open computer use, copy services and ADA compliant technology. The Library also houses a distance learning classroom. Please visit the AC Library website for additional information at http://www.angelina.edu/library/index.html.


Copyright Compliance Statement

It is the policy of Angelina College to comply with all Federal copyright law. All Angelina College faculty, staff, students are expected to act as responsible users of the copyrighted works of others which includes making informed decisions based on the fair use exemptions to the copyright laws. It should be kept in mind that, excepting fair use exemptions and release statements accompanying works, in general all works electronic or otherwise are copyrighted including your own.