Angelina College, a good choice for your college education:

  • Excellent Educational Programs
  • A Good Career Investment 
  • Low Cost
  • Special Assistance
  • Close to Home
  • Convenient

What does Angelina College offer?

  • Certificate Programs 
    Ordinarily, a certificate program is a one-year course of 12 to 42 semester hours with courses pertaining to specific skills.
  • Degree Programs
    A degree program is a two-year course of study with specific skills as well as fine arts, liberal arts, math and science classes. Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees are designed for students who plan to continue their education at a university and earn bachelor's degrees. Associate in Applied Science degrees are designed for students who plan to enter the workforce with this two-year degree. However, many of the AAS courses may be transferred to a university toward a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree.

Educational Programs at Angelina College

Students may earn an associate's degree (A) or a certificate (C) in the following areas:

Business Division

  • Accounting (A)
  • Computer Information Systems (A)
  • Computer Networking (C)
  • General Business (A, C)
  • Leading to a BBA (A)
  • Legal Secretary (A, C)
  • Management Development (A, C)
  • Office Administration (A, C)
  • Real Estate (C)
  • Word Processing (C)

Fine Arts Division

  • Art (A)
  • Design & Applied Arts-Graphic Arts (A, C)
  • Journalism Communication (A)
  • Music (A)
  • Speech (A)
  • Theater (A)

Health Careers Division

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography (A)
  • Emergency Medical Services (A, C)
  • Nursing (A, C)
  • Pharmacy Technology (C)
  • Radiologic Technology (A)
  • Respiratory Care (A)
  • Surgical Technology (C)

Liberal Arts Division

  • General Curriculum (A)

  • Physical Education/Health (A)

  • Teacher Education, (Elementary ED)

Science & Mathematics Division

  • Biology (A)
  • Computer Science (A)
  • Engineering (A)
  • General Science (A)
  • Mathematics (A)
  • Physics (A)
  • Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental, Pre-Pharmacy (A)
  • Pre-Physical/Occupational Therapy (A)
  • Pre-Physician Assistant (A)
  • Pre-Veterinary (A)

Technology & Workforce Division

  • Alcohol/Drug Counseling (A)

  • Automotive Technology (C)

  • Child and Family Development (A, C)

  • Computer Maintenance (C)

  • Computer Numerical Control Machine Operator (C)

  • Criminal Justice (A)

  • Diesel Technology (C)

  • Drafting and Design Technology (A, C)

  • Electromechanical Technology

  • Electrical Specialty (A, C)

  • Electronics Technology

  • Fluid Power Specialty (A, C)

  • Health & Safety (C)

  • Human Services (A, C)

  • Industrial HVAC (C)

  • Legal Assistant (Paralegal (A)

  • Machine Operator (C)

  • Mechanical Specialty (A, C)

  • Machine Tool Technology (A)

  • Networking Specialty (A, C) 

  • Sign Language Interpreter (C)

  • Substance Abuse Specialty (C)

  • Welding Basic (C)

  • Welding Intermediate (C)

  • Welding Technology (A)

What About Costs?

Angelina College is one of the least expensive of the 50 Texas community colleges and much less expensive than most universities.

What Financial Aid Is Available?

Several types of financial aid are available to Angelina College students. To be considered for any type of financial aid, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The Student Aid Report (SAR) generated by this application is the basis for grants, scholarships, and loans.

Financial aid at Angelina College includes:

  • Pell Grants are awarded to eligible students taking at least 3 semester hours. Application for the Pell Grant is made through the FAFSA. A paper copy of the FAFSA is available from high school counselors or in the Financial Aid office in the Student Center. You can also apply on the internet at or get a form on the Financial Aid home page

  • Scholarships (more than 200) are available at Angelina College, based on need, academic excellence, major, or other criteria. Students can fill out a simple one-page form to apply for all the Angelina College scholarships for which they may qualify. The forms are available in the admissions packet or in the Financial Aid office in the Student Center and on the Financial Aid home page on the AC web site.

  • Angelina Challenge Award is available to all eligible graduates of Angelina County high schools the year following graduation. The Challenge Award pays for tuition for 30 semester hours up to $600.

  • Texas Grant assistance is for recent Texas high school graduates. It pays up to $635 a semester for up to six years following graduation. The forms are available in the Financial Aid office in the Student Center and on the Financial Aid home page on the AC web site.

  • TPEG (the Texas Public Education Grant) is available to eligible recipients on a first-come, first served basis.

  • Work-Study Jobs are available to eligible recipients. There are a limited number of campus jobs for up to 15 hours a week. Applications are available in the Financial Aid office in the Student Center and on the Financial Aid home page on the AC web site.

  • Rotary Loans are locally sponsored, no-interest loans that are available to pay tuition and fees. Each loan must have a responsible co-signer. The student pays 30 percent of the tuition/fee costs at registration and borrows the remaining 70 percent with repayment due in 30 days. A late charge of $25 is assessed after 30 days.

  • Installment Payments are a pre-arranged plan that allows payment of half the tuition/fee costs before the first class day with a quarter payment of the total due before the beginning of the sixth class week and the remaining quarter payment due by the beginning of the eleventh class week.

  • Other Financial Aid programs are available to military veterans, deaf or blind students, former foster-care students, early high school graduates, teachers' aids, senior citizens and others. For more information, consult the Angelina College Bulletin, or contact the Financial Aid Office. 

What Special Assistance Does AC Offer? 

Special Student Support Services at Angelina College (936-633-5209) offers the following services:

  • Child Care Assistance

  • Transportation Assistance

  • Free Tutoring

  • Textbook Lending

  • HELP loans (small loans for emergencies that might cause a student to drop out 
    of classes-not available for tuition)

  • Clothing Vouchers

  • Rent Assistance (in partnership with Buckner Family Place, primarily for single 
    parents who are income eligible)


Q. In high school, I got one credit or a half credit for each course I completed, but colleges use "semester hours." What does that mean?

Semester hours are the units of credit for college classes. For example, a schedule of 12 semester hours is considered the minimum for a full-time student. Most courses earn either three or four hours' credit according to the amount of time spent in class each week. The second digit in the course identification number (ENGL 1301) tells how many semester hours the course will earn. For example in ENGL 1301, the first digit, 1, indicates the course is freshman level, and the second digit, 3, indicates it is a three hour course. Most lab courses earn four semester hours (Example: BIOL 2404) because in addition to the three hours of lecture, the student must spend at least an hour in a related lab.

Q. What is a GPA?

GPA stands for grade point average. An "A" earns four grade points per semester 
hour. A "B" earns three points per semester hour. A "C" earns two points per 
semester hour, and a "D" earns one point per semester hour. At the close of the 
semester, you can total the number of points you earned and divide the answer by the 
number of semester hours you took. The result will be your GPA for the semester.

Q. If I don't pass one section of the state approved placement test, do I have to take a developmental class?

Yes. State testing regulations require enrollment in developmental education for any area not passed. However, if you did not pass any sections of the test, you may enroll in developmental classes for any two of these areas. If you are dropped from a developmental class for not attending the class, and it is your only developmental class, you will be dropped from all your other classes as well.

We are your community college in Deep East Texas.

Angelina College serves 12 East Texas counties and has students from Louisiana and other states. In addition to the Lufkin campus, classes are taught at off-campus locations, including a center at Jasper, and at Crockett, Hemphill, Livingston, Pineland, San Augustine, Trinity and Woodville. You may take classes at any of these sites.

Call us with your other questions:

Angelina College Switchboard 


Enrollment Services Office 


Student Services


Financial Aid 


Special Student Support Services 

Counseling 936-633-5212
Testing 936-633-5495

How Do I Get Started?

  • Submit an application for admission to Angelina College. Complete the admissions process including:

  • Proof of residency (usually your driver's license)

  • First-time AC student, official high school transcript or GED score report

  • Transfer students, transcripts from all colleges attended

  • Meet TSI requirements for major

    • Contact Enrollment Services Office, 936-633-5212 

  • Register for Freshman Orientation, an opportunity for first time students to register early for classes

    • Contact Enrollment Services Office, 936-633-5212

  • File for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

    • Contact the Financial Aid office, 936-633-5291

Angelina College…a great place to start

Angelina College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award the associate degree levels - Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, and Associate in Applied Science, and Certificates of Completion. Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur Georgia 30033-4097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of Angelina College.