Health Services/Campus Nurse

Angelina College has a part-time Health Services Coordinator, located in Room 100 of the Student Center on the Lufkin Campus. The nurse responds to campus health emergencies and provides first aid as needed, performs health and wellness counseling, and makes referrals to appropriate community agencies.

Health Services supports Angelina College’s mission by creating educational opportunities for students to recognize ways to care for their health and to become aware of the importance of making healthful life choices. By sponsoring annual health fairs that bring together community health agencies and students in college health careers programs, Health Services offers students and staff on-campus access to:

• Screenings for blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, and HIV/AIDS testing
• Information about smoking dangers and cessation, STD’s, and weight management
• Alcohol/drug abuse prevention and dangers of impaired driving

Other health-related services include
• Annual low-cost influenza immunization clinics on campus
• Educational information for all new students about bacterial meningitis
• Fact sheets for all students explaining campus alcohol and drug policies, and local treatment facilities
• Information about disease and infection prevention including HIV/AIDS guidelines
• Sponsorship of the college’s participation in the annual national Red Ribbon Week campaign for drug/alcohol abuse prevention
• Assistance as needed for students with disabilities
• P.A.D (Public Access Defibrillation) program with employees trained in CPR/AED use