The Respiratory Care program is accredited by the
Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC).

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Respiratory Care is an interpersonal process that is a direct and/or indirect service to people.

The respiratory care practitioner may perform activities, which range from assistance to the physician to the performance of many therapeutic and diagnostic modalities.

The respiratory care practitioner may work in a variety of settings which include hospitals, long-term care facilities, or in private practice.

The respiratory care program curriculum is a balance of general education and technical courses, as well as supervised clinical at area hospitals.

The curriculum provides the student an opportunity for educational development as well as occupational competence during the two year program.

As a respiratory care student you will approach respiratory care education as a continuous process which leads to a change in behavior. The program faculty fosters a creative and innovative approach to respiratory care establishing an atmosphere conducive to learning.

The faculty is committed to helping the student identify, establish and reach educational and personal goals. This occurs in a climate of mutual acceptance and respect of individual differences. The student is encouraged to question, discuss, and seek more knowledge.

Students entering the program will have reasonable opportunity for success. The program is designed to be skills oriented and emphasizes direct patient contact.

Upon successful completion of the curriculum, the student is granted an Associate in Applied Science Degree. This qualifies the graduate to write both the entry level, Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT) and advanced practitioner, Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) examinations. Eligibility to write these examinations is the function of the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC).

Accreditation Statement:
The respiratory care program is fully accredited by Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care, at 1248 Harwood Road, Bedford Texas 76021-4244 or, (1-817-283-2853), the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Admission Criteria
• Gain admission to the college (Admissions Office). Note: Admission to the college does not guarantee admission to the respiratory program.

•Complete the TSI (The Texas Success Initiative).

• Complete all prerequisite courses with a minimum grade of “C.” (BIOL 2404, MATH 1332 Contemporary Mathematics, RSPT 1201 and a Fine Arts Elective)

• Submit completed application packet to secretary in Health Careers II building, room 128.

• Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended

• TSI assessment scores

• Attend a mandatory Information Session

• Proof of GED or high school graduation

• Students must complete required health forms and submit them and the completed immunization records by August 1 each year for August consideration. Drug screening will be required after acceptance into the program at a designated time. All expenses related to these health requirements are the student’s responsibility.

• Prerequisite courses may only be taken twice. If a course is taken more than twice, only the second grade will be calculated in the cumulative GPA for the prerequisite courses.

• “Conditional Acceptance” will be base on cumulative GPA (on the prerequisite courses), negative drug screen and negative background check. The drug screen and background check must be negative to receive “full” acceptance into the program.

• Students must complete required health forms (which must be signed by appropriate medical personnel) and submit them and the completed immunization records as mandated by The Texas Department of State Health Services for health care workers. These immunizations must include; annual TB, Hepatitis B series (completed before clinical begins) ,as well as, Tetanus and Diphtheria booster (within past 10 years), and be turned in with the application packet by August 1 each year for August consideration. Drug screening and a background check (approximately $80) will be required after “conditional acceptance” into the program at a designated time. All expenses related to these health requirements are the student’s responsibility.

• Provide proof of a current 2 year American Heart Association Health Care Provider CPR card (The CPR course should be taken in June or July before Fall semester of intended “conditional admission”).

Student Accidents:
As a student at Angelina College, you will encounter certain risks while you are enrolled in a classroom, or laboratory experience, or in a clinical or practicum setting. In the event that you sustain an injury and or require any medical testing or care, all resulting medical expenses (hospital, ambulance, or physician fees), are your responsibility and not the responsibility of Angelina College or the clinical/practicum site.

It is recommended that you purchase a student/personal health insurance plan (medical and hospitalization) if you are not covered by a group health insurance plan.

Required Core Curriculum

Communication (3 hours)
English I- ENGL 1301
Mathematics (3 hours) MATH 1332 Contemporary Math
Natural Sciences (4 hours) Biology- BIOL 2404
Humanities/Visual or Performing Arts (3 hours) Visual/Performing
Arts- ARTS 1301 DRAM 1310 MUSI 1306
Social/Behavioral Sciences (3 hours) Psychology- PSYC 2301


Associate Degree Curriculum


STSU 0300  Student Success
RSPT 1201  Intro to Respiratory Care
MATH 1332 Contemporary Math (or MATH 1314- College Algebra)
BIOL 2404 General Human Anatomy & Physiology
English 1301  Composition I
PSY 2301   General Psychology


Fall Semester
RSPT 2317 Resp Car Pharmacology
RSPT 1340 Advanced Cardiopulmonary A&P
RSPT 1410 Resp Care Procedures I
RSPT 1461 Resp Care Clinical I

Spring Semester
RSPT 2210 Cardiopulmonary Disease
RSPT 2314 Mechanical Ventilation
RSPT 1411 Respiratory Care Procedures II
RSPT 1462 Respiratory Care Clinical II

Summer Session I
RSPT 2353 Neonatal and Pediatric Cardiopulmonary Care
RSPT 1261 Respiratory Care Clinical III

Summer Session II


Fall Semester
RSPT 2453 Neonatal/Pediatric Cardiopulmonary Care
RSPT 2305 Pulmonary Diagnostics
RSPT 2461 Respiratory Care Clinical IV

Spring Semester
RSPT 2355 Critical Care Monitoring
RSPT 2462 Respiratory Care Clinical V
RSPT 2133 Respiratory Care Case Management

Completed by Graduation
Speech SPCH 1318, 1315 or 1311

Elective Course (One of the following)
Humanities / Visual Performing Arts
ARTS 1301, DRAM 1301, MUSI 1306 MUSI 1310

Additional Information
The Respiratory Care Program is located in the Health Careers II building, Room 128 on the main campus in Lufkin, Texas.

You are invited to call, visit or write:
Telephone: 936-633-5267


2012 RCS Outcomes

David Henson
Program Coordinator


Rebecca Renfrow-Freeze
Clinical Coordinator