Introduction to the Strategic Plan

The purpose of strategic planning is to position Angelina College to accomplish its mission over time and to thrive in a complex and dynamic political, economic, social, and competitive environment.

Every five years, the college administration prepares a proposed strategic plan with input from students, trustees, employees throughout the institution, and community stakeholders. Once the Board of Trustees formally adopts the strategic plan, the plan informs the institution’s budgeting, planning, and continuous improvement processes (Figure 1).

Strategic Plan Figure 1

The preparation of Angelina College’s 2016-2017 Strategic Plan included the following steps:

  • Review of the institutional mission, vision, and core values;
  • Review of progress toward initiatives identified in the Vision 2020 Long Range Plan (see Addendum A);
  • Review of the goals included in the 2011-2016 Strategic Plan (see Addendum B) as well as the aggregated outcomes produced during the execution of the 2011-2016 plan;
  • Environmental scanning to identify national, state, regional, and local opportunities for the college and threats to the college;
  • Review of strengths the college can leverage to accomplish its goals and weaknesses the college will need to address in order to improve performance;
  • Exploratory meetings with the advisory committees for the college’s academic programs and with key stakeholder and constituent groups; and
  • Multiple input and feedback meetings with instructors and staff in the President’s Office, Academic Affairs, Business Affairs, Student Affairs, and Community Services.