Policies & Procedures Manual



The Angelina College Policy and Procedures Manual contains the policies and regulations governing College District operations. The Board of Trustees and the administration make every effort to maintain policies, regulations, and procedures contributing to the success, strength, and stability of Angelina College. New policies and procedures and changes to existing policies and procedures are adopted to accommodate current best practices and continuous improvement; to comply with changes in laws, regulations, or accreditation standards; or to respond to operational issues.


As adoptions or changes occur, two identical versions of the Manual will be maintained. The official copy will be in the College President’s office, and an electronic copy will be available for day-to-day use on the College District’s website.
Each policy and regulation is identified according to an alphabetical code in the upper right corner of the page. The issue date of the policy or regulation is noted in the lower left corner with a place for the adoption date for policies. There are seven sections, each devoted to a separate area of College District governance:

A – Basic District Foundations
B – Local Governance
C – Business and Support Services
D – Personnel
E – Instruction
F – Students
G – Community and Governmental Relations

Local policies govern the College District and meet the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) governance requirements. Only the Board of Trustees may adopt or amend a Local Policy. Local policies are identified by the designation “LOCAL” directly below the alphabetical code in the upper right corner of each page.

The legally referenced policies track the language of the U.S. and Texas Constitutions, federal statutes, the Texas Education Code and other Texas law, Attorney General opinions, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board rules, the Texas Administrative Code, and other sources of authority defining governance of public community college districts in the state of Texas. Policy statements that cite court cases or Attorney General opinions stand only for the specific statements in the policy and do not otherwise implicate the entire opinion. Such citations are provided only for reference; no other meaning is implied or intended. All legally referenced policies have the designation “LEGAL” in the upper right corner of each page directly below the alphabetical code.


The Board of Trustees delegates to the College President the express authority to adopt regulations and procedures for the operation and administration of the College District. Regulations and procedures are not formally adopted by the Board of Trustees. Administrative regulations or procedures are identified by the designation “REGULATION” directly below the alphabetical code in the upper right corner of each page.

Exhibits are pages with forms, notices, and more information that are used by the College District; some exhibits are promulgated by legal authority. Although not formally adopted by the Board, exhibits are included in the College District’s manual to assist in the implementation of policy and regulations. Exhibits have the designation “(EXHIBIT)” directly below the code in the upper right corner. Multiple exhibits under the same code are usually preceded by a cover page listing the various exhibits.

Bottom notes indicate the adoption date of a policy, or the issuance, or review date of regulations and procedures. The complete Policy and Procedures manual was reviewed and recodified by The Board of Trustees in March 2005.

REVISED: 03/17


Section A: Basic District Foundations
AADistrict Legal Status and HistoryLocal
ABDistrict Name Local
ABANaming of College District Facilities and ProgramsLocal
ACGeographic Boundaries and Service AreasExhibit
AEGoals and ObjectivesLocal
AFATitle IX: Prohibited Discrimination and HarassmentLocal
Section B: Local Governance
BABoard Legal StatusLocal
BAABoard Legal Status - Powers, Duties, ResponsibilitiesLegal
BBABoard Members: Eligibility/QualificationsLegal
BBCVacancies and Removal from OfficeLocal
BBDBoard Members Orientation and TrainingLocal
BBFAEthics Conflicts of Interest DisclosuresExhibit AExhibit B
BBFBEthics Prohibited PracticesLegal
BBIBoard Members - Technology Resources and Electronic CommunicationsLocal
BCABoard Officers and OfficialsLocal
BCBBoard CommitteesLocal
BCCBoard Internal Organization - Board And College Legal CounselLocal
BCEAdvisory CommitteesRegulation
BDBoard MeetingsLocal
BEPolicy and Bylaw DevelopmentLocal
BFACollege President Qualifications and DutiesLocal
BFBCollege President Compensation & EvaluationLocal
BGAdministrative Organization PlanRegulation
BGCAdministrative Organization Plan: Councils and Standing Committees
BIInstitutional EffectivenessRegulation
BKCompliance Standards with SACSCOC Standards and RequirementsLocal
BKAIntegrity and SACSCOC ComplianceLocal
Section C: Business and Support Services
CAABState and Federal Revenue Sources – FederalLegal
CAKInvestments – Endowment FundsLocal
CCAnnual Operating BudgetLocal
CDDPayroll ProceduresRegulation
CFPurchasing and AcquisitionLocal
CGSafety ProgramRegulation
CGCEmergency PlansRegulation
CHSite ManagementRegulation
CHCTraffic and Parking ControlsRegulation
CHEMail and DeliveryRegulation
CHFSite Management - WeaponsLegal
CHFAConcealed Carry of HandgunsRegulation
CIEquipment and Supplies ManagementRegulation
CJTransportation ManagementRegulation
CKDHealth and Life InsuranceLocal
CPEnvironmental PolicyRegulation
CRElectronic CommunicationRegulation
CSInformation SecurityLegal
Section D: Personnel
DAAEqual Opportunity EmploymentLocal
DBACredentials and RecordsRegulation
DBBMedical Examinations and Communicable DiseasesLocal
DBDConflict of InterestLocalLegal
DBFNonschool EmploymentLocal
DCHiring PracticesLocalRegulation
DCANonteaching Staff Members Serving As InstructorsRegulation
DEBFringe BenefitsLocalExhibit AExhibit B
DECLeaves and AbsencesLocal
DEDVacations and HolidaysLocal
DEECompensation and Benefits Expense ReimbursementRegulationLegalExhibit AExhibit BExhibit C
DFRetirement ProgramsRegulation
DGAFreedom of AssociationRegulation
DGBAEmployee GrievancesLocalExhibit
DGCAcademic Freedom and ResponsibilitiesLocal
DHEmployee Standards of ConductLocal
DHADiscipline and Dismissal of EmployeesRegulation
DIAssignment and SchedulesRegulation
DIAEmployee Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation
DJCampus Hours and Employee SchedulesRegulation
DKProfessional DevelopmentRegulation
DLAEvaluationRegulationExhibit BExhibit CExhibit DExhibit E
Exhibit FExhibit GExhibit I
DNPersonnel PositionsRegulation
DNAPersonnel Positions: Faculty Position DescriptionRegulationExhibit AExhibit BExhibit CExhibit D
DOAStandards of Conduct: HarassmentLocalExhibit
DPUse of Angelina College Trademarks and Service MarksRegulation
Section E: Instruction
EBBDistance LearningRegulation
ECInstructional ArrangementsRegulation
EDInstructional ResourcesRegulation
EDAALibraries and LaboratoriesRegulation
EDDCopyrighted MaterialsLocalExhibit
EFCurriculum DesignLocalRegulation
EFCBAdult and Continuing EducationRegulation
EGAGrading and CreditRegulation
Section F: Students
FAEqual Educational OpportunitiesLocal
FBDAdmissions and AttendanceRegulation
FCStudent Disability and AccommodationsRegulation
FDADCommunicable DiseasesRegulation
FDESexual HarassmentRegulation
FEStudent Financial Aid ProgramRegulation
FFDStudent Freedom From Discrimination, Harassment, and RetaliationRegulation
FGStudent HousingRegulation
FJStudent RecordsRegulation
FKAStudent PublicationsRegulation
FKCRegistered Student OrganizationsRegulation
FLAInvolvement in Decision-MakingRegulation
FLBStudent ConductLocal
FLDStudent ComplaintsLocalExhibit
Section G: Community and Governmental Relations
GAPublic Information ProgramRegulation
GAAPublic’s Right to KnowLocal
GBPublic ComplaintsRegulationExhibit
GCAOfficial Institutional Relationships PolicyLocal
GFStudent and Community Use of District FacilitiesLocalExhibit
GFAConduct on College District PremisesLocal