AA (Local) – District Legal Status and History


1.01 Angelina College is a public county junior college pursuant to Education Code 130.004(a). The College derives its legal status from the Constitution of the state of Texas (Texas Constitution, Art. VII), and from the Texas Education Code as passed and amended by the Texas Legislature.

1.02 All authority not vested in the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board or the Texas Education Agency by Texas law is reserved and retained locally in the College or in the Board of Trustees (Education Code 130.002).


2.01 The Angelina County Junior College District was established by an election held September 24, 1966. The organization of the College District was promulgated and sponsored by the Education Committee of the Angelina County Chamber of Commerce.

2.02 At its regular meeting on December 12, 1966, the Board elected Dr. Jack W. Hudgins as the first President of Angelina College. Construction of the original seven building campus started in November of 1967. Angelina College opened its doors to students in the fall of 1968.

2.03 Upon the retirement of Dr. Hudgins, in January 1991, the Board elected Dr. Larry Phillips as the second President of Angelina College. During Dr. Phillips’ tenure, the College District experienced significant enrollment growth, facility expansion, and opened four off-campus instructional centers in Jasper, Houston, Nacogdoches, and Polk counties. Dr. Phillips’ also formed partnerships to host the Small Business Development Center, Procurement Technical Assistance Center, Buckner Family Place, and the Angelina Arts Alliance on the Lufkin campus.

2.04 Upon the retirement of Dr. Phillips, on June 1, 2015, the Board elected Dr. Michael J. Simon as the third President of Angelina College.

ADOPTED: 04/2017