ABA (Local) – Naming of College District Facilities and Programs

Naming actions shall not detract from the College District’s values, dignity, integrity, or reputation, nor shall any naming action create a conflict of interest, the appearance of a conflict of interest, or confer special privileges. Naming actions may be made for a person or family associated with the College District who has rendered distinguished service to the College District or who has made a significant contribution to society. Naming actions may also be made for donors who have made significant financial contributions to the College District.

When a facility naming action is in recognition of a donation, the contribution must be not less than 50 percent of total construction costs for new facilities or 35 percent of the replacement value of existing facilities. When a program naming action is in recognition of a donation, the contribution must not be less than 10 times the annual operating budget of the program at the time of the naming action. The College president shall enter into a Gift Agreement on behalf of the College District with any donor receiving a naming action.

Naming actions require that the individual or family has a prominent relationship with the College District and/or the region, with a positive image and demonstrated integrity. The naming action will generally remain for the life of the named facility or program. In the event of changed circumstances, the College District reserves the right, on reasonable grounds, to revise the form of or withdraw the naming action.

Each naming action for a College District facility or program must be approved by the Board of Trustees during a regular meeting of the Board. The College president shall recommend the naming of any facility or program to the Board of Trustees. Facilities include all buildings, classrooms, laboratories, building wings, atria, auditoria, concert halls, athletic and arts facilities, and prominent outdoor spaces. Programs include academic divisions and schools; academic chairs, fellowships, professorships, teaching centers operated but not owned by the College District; and instruction, community service, and student service programs.

The Board delegates to the College president authority to name small outdoor spaces (e.g., a park bench located on campus grounds) or small indoor spaces (e.g., a single administrative or faculty office). The College president shall notify the Board of his/her naming decision during the next regular Board meeting.

ADOPTED: 04/16