AE (Local) – District Goals and Objectives


1.01 The MISSION of Angelina College is to provide quality educational opportunities and services to aid students in the service area in reaching their full potential.

1.02 The VISION of Angelina College is to be the first choice in value and quality education leading to diverse career pathways throughout its service area.

1.03 The College District’s mission and vision are predicated on the belief that education is vital to maintaining a democratic society, to transmit culture and extend knowledge, and to developing engaged citizens empowered to improve their lives and their communities. The College District is committed to engaging in an active relationship with the communities it serves to ensure the relevance and vitality of its educational programs and services as well as to enhance the economic, cultural, and social environments of those communities. The College District assists a diverse student population to prepare for a rapidly changing and highly technological world through quality educational programs and excellent student services.


2.01 The CORE VALUES of Angelina College are the following:

• Integrity – We value academic honesty and ethical behavior. Integrity is evidenced by defending academic freedom, fostering civic responsibility, exhibiting academic honesty and ethical behavior, and celebrating the courage to act.

• Diversity – We value diverse perspectives, cultures, and experiences. Diversity enriches the learning and working environment and enables people with different perspectives, cultures, and experiences to thrive on campus and to prepare for success in a pluralistic society.

• Learning – We value learning as the core of our mission. Learning through the unfettered search for knowledge and its free exposition and through experiences promoting the acquisition of relevant skills and abilities is at the core of every college endeavor.

• Excellence – We value the ongoing pursuit of excellence. Excellence is achieved through teamwork, continuous improvement of every facet of the institution, sustainable practices, sound financial planning, prudent use of resources, and ongoing development of personnel.

• Engagement – We value service to our communities. Engagement through partnerships, active citizenship, and community service supports and strengthens the social, cultural, and economic environment of the service area.


3.01 The College has adopted the following five strategic goals:

Goal One: Expanding Access to Higher Education Opportunities
Angelina College will increase awareness of the educational opportunities and services offered by the college, continuously improve processes and services to make enrollment convenient and efficient, and expand access to all credit and noncredit programs.

Goal Two: Promoting Student Success
Angelina College will assist students in identifying and achieving their educational goals including program completion, academic transfer, basic skills improvement, career preparation, and personal and professional growth.

Goal Three: Pursuing Excellence through Continuous Improvement
Angelina College will cultivate a learning and working environment committed to evidence-based decision making, identifying and implementing best practices, and continuously improving programs and services.

Goal Four: Engaging in Community Service
Angelina College will provide programs and services to support learners’ career and personal enrichment goals, to meet the human capital needs of employers, to contribute to the social and cultural environment of the region, and to support economic development in the college’s service area.

Goal Five: Investing Responsibly in Quality
Angelina College will manage resources in a prudent manner while investing to enhance educational offerings and the physical environment to meet student and community needs and expectations

ADOPTED: 03/2017