BD (Local) – Board Meetings

Regular meetings of the Board shall be held in the Angelina College Administration Building Board Room on the second Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. unless otherwise provided by the Board. An agenda shall be prepared under the direction of the College President. For an item of business to appear on the agenda, the College President must be notified no later than noon of the day the agenda and notice have to be prepared, which normally will be the fifth day preceding the regular or special meeting. All decisions regarding the preparation of the Board agenda are left to the sound discretion of the College President and of the Board President. Written notice of the date, hour, place, and subject of each meeting of the Board shall be given as prescribed by law. Notice will be:

1. Posted on the bulletin board in the administration building; in the established posting location.

2. Mailed or delivered to news media, including the student newspaper, requesting such notice and consenting to pay any and all expenses incurred by the college in providing special notice.

3. Posted, delivered, or given at least 72 hours prior to the hour of the meeting.

4. Posted on the internet web site.

Members of the Board shall be given notice of regular, or special meetings at least 72 hours prior to the hour of the meeting by the secretary in the office of the College President.


All meetings of the Board shall be opened in public, as prescribed by law. A quorum for meetings of the Board will be four board members. Notice of all emergency meetings shall include the date, hour, place, and subject of the meeting. Such notice will also express the nature of the emergency, or urgent public necessity, which requires an emergency meeting. Such notice will be posted at least two hours before the meeting is convened. The presiding officer or member calling such meeting shall notify all news media that have previously requested such notice.


Closed meetings or executive sessions will not be held unless the Board has first been convened in open meeting for which notice has been given. If, during the open meeting, a closed or executive session is necessary, the presiding officer of the Board shall announce that a closed or executive session will be held and identify the section, or sections, under the Texas Government Code Chapter 551 which authorizes the holding of such closed or executive sessions. The Board will not take any final action or final vote, or make any final decisions with regard to any matter considered in a closed or executive session. Such final actions, final votes, or final decisions with regard to any matter considered in closed session will be made only in a meeting which is open to the public and for which proper notice is given. After any and all closed or executive sessions, the Board will reconvene the public meeting or session before adjourning.


Board meetings are held to transact the business of the College District and are open to the public except when closed meetings are permitted by law. Citizens shall be allowed to address the Board during the regular monthly Board meeting by requesting a place on the agenda according to policy. The Board shall set reasonable restraints on the number, length, and frequency of presentations. When the Board agenda contains an item entitled “open forum” or “public forum”, individuals who desire to address the Board must first complete the request to address the Board card provided at the sign-in table at the Board meeting in order to be allowed to address the Board. The Board shall have exclusive authority to control the number of speakers, the length in time of each presentation, and to impose a requirement that groups and delegations select one spokesperson in order to maintain control and order over the conduct of the Board meeting. If the Board President determines that a person has not attempted to resolve a matter administratively, the person shall be directed to the appropriate grievance policy and person for attempted resolution before bringing the matter to the Board. The Board hereby adopts Roberts’ Rules of Order, Newly Revised as the standard and authority for the resolution of all questions of parliamentary procedure. Any conflict between Roberts’ Rules of Order, Newly Revised and state law or Board policies and procedures of the College District shall be controlled by the state law and the policies and procedures of the College District.

Voting shall be by voice or show or hands, as directed by the Board President. Any member may abstain from voting, and a member’s vote or failure to vote shall be recorded. Board action shall be carefully recorded by the secretary or clerk. When approved, these minutes shall serve as the legal record of official Board actions. The written minutes of all meetings shall be approved by vote of the Board and signed by the Board President and the Board Secretary. The official minutes of the Board, excepting certified agendas of closed meetings, shall be retained on file in the office of the College President and shall be available for examination during regular office hours.

ADOPTED: 10/06