BE (Local) – Policy And Bylaw Development

The College District recognizes the importance of a policy and procedures manual as a dynamic and changing document subject to periodic revision to meet the changing needs of students and community and reflecting changes in state and federal laws and regulations. Board policies and policy amendments may be proposed or identified by the College President, the Board, employees, or the external community but shall be recommended for the Board’s consideration only by a Board member or the College President. The College President should lead the executive council in periodic administrative review of policies with each administrator being responsible for identifying duplicate, extraneous, out-of-date, or missing policies or procedures in their area. Policy and procedures content revision and development will normally include the following steps:

1. Review by executive council;

2. Review and input by appropriate faculty standing committee and educational program advisory council;

3. Organization and codification;

4. Final review by Board policy review committee, if Board policy;

5. Legal review, if necessary;

6. Board adoption, if Board policy;

7. Distribution of policy to all divisions, administrative offices, and official policy books.

In addition to Board policies the official College District bulletin and the student handbook shall be considered enforceable College District regulations unless found to be in conflict with Board policy. The Board shall have the sole right to adopt or amend Board policies by majority vote in one reading. When action, procedures, or interpretations are urgently required in an area not covered by Board policy, the College President shall have the power to act and inform the Board of such action subject to review by the Board at its discretion.

The College President is authorized to designate an administrator to act in behalf of the College President in the event emergency circumstances prevent the College President from being available when action is required. The Board shall designate one copy of the policy manual as the official policy manual of the district. The official copy shall be kept in the College President’s office, and the College President or designee shall be responsible for its accuracy and currency. If discrepancies occur between different copies of the manual distributed throughout the district, the version contained in the official policy manual shall be regarded as authoritative. Amendments to by-laws and policies may be made by official Board action by a majority vote of all Board members present and voting. Additions, deletions, and amendments required by statutes of the state of Texas will be made in accordance with these statutes. By-laws and policies may be amended except in instances where these rules and regulations are established by statutes of the state. In the absence of a specific local policy, the Board will follow the policy guidelines in the current “Policy Reference Manual for Texas Community Colleges” of the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) and the appropriate part of the Texas Education Code, Election Code, or state Constitution referenced by the manual. This will apply specifically to the following sections:

  • BBC – Board Vacancies and Removal from Office BBD – Orientation and Training
  • BBF – Ethics and Conflict of Interest
  • BBG – Compensation and Expenses
  • BD – Voting and Meetings

REVISED: 06/15