BFA (Local) – College President: Qualifications and Duties


1.01     The Board selects and employs the College President and delegates express authority to the College President to adopt administrative regulations and procedures for the operation and administration of the College District. While the College President is delegated express authority by the Board of Trustees to adopt administrative regulations and procedures, the College President remains responsible to the Board on all matters of College District operation.  Within the framework of policies adopted by the Board, the College President shall exercise broad, discretionary authority in carrying out responsibilities of the position.

1.02     The College President has primary responsibility for the organization of the College District. The College President will, in turn, delegate responsibility and authority to such officers and staff members as is necessary in order to effect the orderly and efficient operation of the College District. The organizational chart outlines the relationships of College District personnel and the lines of authority.

1.03     Job Description

The College President will act as chief executive officer and leader of the College District, responsible for the overall operation, development, and promotion of the College District pursuant to the policies of the Board. The College President shall provide leadership in policy development, fiscal management, personnel management, educational program planning, and communication to further the public image of the College District and move the institution toward fulfilling its mission and goals. The College President will:

  1. Recommend to the Board changes and development of policies needed to reflect new state or federal regulations, student and community needs, or efficient operation of the College District.
  1. Adopt administrative regulations and procedures for the operation and administration of the College District.
  1. Be informed and exert leadership toward the development of local, state, and national educational policies.
  1. Prepare and submit an annual budget to the Board, make recommendations to the Board for budget changes, and implement the College budget as approved and amended.
  1. Develop and implement appropriate administrative procedures for the handling of offers of gifts to the College District and further institutional development within the overall mission and goals of the College District.
  1. Make recommendations to the Board for the appointment of all administrative, faculty, professional, and contract personnel, appoint non-contract personnel for approved positions, suspend employees with or without pay, and accept resignations from any employee.
  1. Maintains the orderly functioning of the College and takes appropriate action, within the limits of Board policy, as may be necessary to prevent any interference with such orderly operation of the College.
  1. Develop, review, and implement procedures for the recruitment, selection, development, evaluation, promotion and termination of College employees.
  1. Develop, review, and update job descriptions for all professional employees at the College District.
  1. Provide for appropriate professional growth programs for College District employees.
  1. Make recommendations to the Board for the adoption of programs of instruction and other educational and community services.
  1. Review the educational program on a continuing basis and recommend changes which will improve the quality and scope of services offered by the College District.
  1. Provide leadership in the development and implementation of a master plan for College District and campus development.
  1. Represent the College to the community by interpreting the College District to the public, parents, media, and to the community organizations.
  1. Be responsible for the formulation of all reports required by local, state, and federal agencies.
  1. Provide the Board with the flow of information regarding the College District and its needs.
  1. Maintain liaison with the leadership of other educational institutions to ensure articulation between the educational programs of cooperating institutions for the benefit of students and community.
  1. Maintain communication with faculty and staff and act as spokesman to the Board President for the faculty and to the faculty for the Board.
  1. Prepares agenda materials, with the approval of the Board officers, for board meetings and maintains a record of the proceedings.
  1. Perform such other duties as the Board may assign.

ADOPTED: 12/2017