BFD (Local) – College President: Evaluation

The Board will evaluate the performance of the College President annually at the regular meeting in which other contracts and the annual personnel plans are considered. The evaluation will focus on three areas;

1. Accomplishment of College District goals for the preceding year;

2. Performance of the College President’s job description; and

3. Fulfillment of the code of ethics and leadership responsibilities of the American Association of Community Colleges.

A written summary of the evaluation will be signed by the Board President and the College President and will note any areas needing special goals for improvement. Action may be taken on the contract terms of the College President following the evaluation session. The Board may also use this annual review session to assess their own performance of their governance and policy-making role through self-evaluation and evaluation by the College President. The primary purpose of all administrative evaluation will be to effect improvement in administrative leadership in order to achieve the goals of the College District.

ADOPTED: 03/94