BK (Local) – Integrity and SACSCOC Compliance


1.01 The Board of Trustees requires the Administration to ensure the integrity, accuracy, and currency of all reports submitted to SACSCOC, including but not limited to Compliance Certification, Fifth-Year and Focused Reports, and Substantive Change Notifications, as well as all reports submitted to other accrediting bodies, by providing adequate financial resources and exercising its authority pursuant to Board Policies in an appropriate and timely manner. Further, it is the clear expectation of the Board that all of the submissions to SACSCOC will be accurate reflections of the condition of the College.


2.01 Publication: The Policy is published in the online Angelina College Policy & Procedure Manual and is available in the Office of the President.

2.02 Approval: The Policy was approved on November 14, 2016, by the Board of Trustees.

2.03 Implemented: The Board of Trustees will be notified by the President two years in advance of the submission of Compliance Certifications and Fifth-Year Reports and three months in advance of Substantive Change Notifications, and will be given timely progress reports when a certification, report, or notification is in development.

2.04 Enforced: The Policy will be enforced by action of the President.