CG (Regulation) – Safety Program

There may be occasions when weather conditions prevent the normal operations of the College District. Should this condition occur, the following procedures are in effect:

1. Class cancellations will generally be determined by 6 a.m. for day classes and 3:00 p.m. for evening classes and teaching centers. Both radio and television announcements will be made only if classes are canceled. The decision to cancel classes due to weather conditions will always be based on student’s safety after consultation with the Texas Department of Public Safety or Department of Transportation and other public agencies. Any cancellation announcements will also be on the web page and voicemail greeting of the main College number (936-639-1301).

2. Only the College President, or designee, shall determine class cancellations and disseminate official announcements concerning cancellations.

3. Cancellation of classes does not automatically mean that all operations at the College District are suspended. In the event of a suspension of classes, all employees shall report for work unless weather conditions absolutely render unsafe any reasonable attempt to report. In such cases, the employees unable to report shall, as soon as possible, notify his/her immediate supervisor.

4. Should the entire College District operation be forced to come to a halt, minimum physical plant and campus security staff will be required to maintain and secure the College District.

REVISED: 10/09