CH (Regulation) – Site Management

All building alterations such as painting or altering drapes, carpets, etc. are prohibited without written, advance approval by the College President.

The College District shall establish a program for the separation and collection of recyclable materials generated by the College District’s operations.

Keys are issued to employees by the director of physical plant upon the direction of the proper authority. Each employee is responsible for the key issued. If they key is lost or misplaced, it should be reported to the business office Immediately. The loss of a key destroys the security of a building or office and can result in the rekeying of the entire facility. An employee who loses a key resulting in loss of assets or costs due to rekeying may be held monetarily liable. The financial responsibility of a College District employee shall be limited to a maximum of $50 in the case of the loss of one or more College District keys by that employee.

REVISED: 06/12