DC (Local) – Hiring Practices

The College District is committed to the basic right of all persons to have an equal opportunity for education and/or employment at this institution. Every effort will be made by the Board, administration, and faculty to defend this right and vigorously seek to promote its implementation in all areas of the College District.

It is the full intent and purpose of the College District that the employment, promotion, and retention policies of the College District apply equally to all persons based upon their professional or work qualifications without regard to color, race, national origin, sex, age, religion, genetic information, veteran status or disability. Capable beginning level employees shall be eligible for promotion to positions of greater responsibility as the employee develops and matures in job-related skills and knowledge.

The Vice President and Dean of Instruction has been designated as the equal employment opportunity officer for the College District. Any inquiries concerning equal opportunity employment practices should be addressed to this officer.

The following equal employment opportunity policies are in effect at the College District:

1. An equal employment opportunity statement (e.g., “An Equal Opportunity Employer”) shall be printed on the following: purchase orders, College District bulletins and brochures, applications for employment, and recruitment announcements and advertisements.

2. An equal employment opportunity statement shall be a written part of all purchasing and contractual agreements made by the College District.

3. The equal employment opportunity officer shall be notified of all existing or potential vacancies, appointments, terminations
(defined as any reason for leaving the employment of the College District), and/or changes in role and responsibility, as such circumstances occur.

4. The equal employment opportunity officer will maintain copies of all publicized vacancies prior to the solicitation of applications.

5. Publication of vacancies will be active and systematic and include the following whenever possible: notification of EEO Office, Office of the Governor, Austin, Texas; notification of the Texas Employment Commission; notification of college and/or agencies known for minority placement; the use of classified advertising in newspapers and professional journals, when economically feasible; campus-wide notifications and public postings.

6. The equal employment opportunity officer shall be informed of the location of all application files and employment records and have access to them.

7. An equal employment opportunity employment report will be sent to the equal employment opportunity office within five working days of employment.

8. The equal employment opportunity officer will be notified within five working days of an employee’s termination or change of status.


REVISED: 06/12