DC (Regulation) – Hiring Practices

The guiding principles in the selection and assignment of all personnel shall be meeting the mission and goals of the College District and emphasizing the needs of the students in the teaching–learning process. All employees shall be subject to assignment or reassignment by the president at any time to meet the needs of the College District.

A job description and position classification approved by the president shall be on file in the Human Resources office before the selection process begins.

From the date of position publication, all College District vacancies will remain open for application for the minimum length of time in accordance with personnel practices. In order to be considered for employment, an applicant for any College District position shall submit a dated written application to be kept on file for a minimum of two years unless the application is withdrawn by the candidate.

The executive officer for the college branch to which the position is assigned, in conjunction with the Human Resources office, is responsible for ensuring the search process is conducted legally and appropriately.

The executive officer will appoint a screening committee, which is a part of the equal employment opportunity program and is critical to the employment of full-time personnel. The executive officer will make a good faith effort to ensure screening committees include individuals from diverse backgrounds and include representatives from the discipline, division, office, or branch of the position opening. The executive officer will also consider recommendations for screening committee appointments from the position’s direct supervisor. Screening committees for full-time classified personnel and for part-time personnel shall consist of the immediate supervisor and other appropriate personnel from the office or work area.

The chair of the screening committee, as appointed by the executive officer, will coordinate all committee activities and will collaborate with the Human Resources office to communicate with the candidates.

The Human Resources office will conduct an orientation for screening committees to ensure the chairs and members understand their responsibilities, including compliance with college policies and regulations.

The duties and responsibilities of the screening committee shall be as follows:

1. Outline screening criteria based on the approved position description before initiating review of application packets.

2. Review application packets and complete the qualifications matrix form for all candidates using the screening criteria. The screening committee should disqualify any candidate who does not meet minimum qualifications for the position at this point in the process and document on the qualifications matrix form which qualification(s) the disqualified candidate(s) failed to meet.

3. Determine how many candidates the screening committee will interview, develop a list of appropriate interview questions to ascertain job-related information, and conduct interviews in collaboration with the Human Resources office. All candidates for a particular position must be asked the same questions.

The Human Resources office will communicate with all candidates to schedule the interviews. When candidates are interviewed on campus, the position supervisor and/or the executive officer may interview them one-on-one, with the screening committee, or may participate during any other portion of the interview process. Each employee who interviews the candidates should document the interview using the interview rating form.

4. When screening for an instructor vacancy, the interview process should include a 10 to 15 minute classroom presentation. The topic of the presentation should be selected by the screening committee and communicated to the candidates by the Human Resources office prior to the interview date. If a professional position requires public speaking, the screening committee may require the candidates to give a 10 to 15 minute presentation on a relevant topic during the interview.

5. Using the interview rating forms and a consensus process with the committee members, the screening committee chair should prepare a single list of strengths and weaknesses for each finalist candidate and submit it with all documentation for the screening process to the position supervisor.

6. The position supervisor will meet with the executive officer, review the screening committee documentation, and submit his or her hiring recommendation.

7. The executive officer or designee will conduct reference checks for the strongest candidate(s) and document the information gathered using the approved form. A minimum of three references for the strongest candidate(s) should be documented. Reference checks should include a recent or current direct supervisor for the candidate(s).

8. Once references are documented for the strongest candidate(s), the executive officer will meet with the president, review the search process, and make a hiring recommendation.

9. The College President, as the selecting officer, will make the employment decision after reviewing all of the following items: screening committee documentation, direct supervisor’s recommendation, executive officer’s recommendation, and reference checks documentation. The official job offer will be made by the president or his/her designated executive officer. The president’s selection decision will be presented to the Board of Trustees at the next regular Board meeting to finalize the appointment. The executive officer, direct supervisor, and screening committee chair will be notified when the Human Resources office receives a signed offer letter from the successful candidate.

10. Each professional staff member and instructor who verbally accepts an offer of employment from the President or his/her designee shall receive a written offer letter from the Office of the President. No professional staff member or instructor should begin working without having returned a signed copy of the offer letter to the Office of the President.

11. The executive officer is responsible for ensuring all documentation for the search process, including the screening committee’s documentation, is sent to the Human Resources office at the conclusion of the search process.

12. Prior to the new employee’s first day of work, the executive officer will coordinate with the Human Resources office to ensure the employee receives the new hire orientation on his/her first day of work.

The College District performs a background check on applicants considered for employment. If any violation is found, a hold will be placed on the hiring until it has been reviewed closely and determined the circumstances of the conviction, and its level of severity in relation to the anticipated job function.

The Human Resources office shall keep an employment record and personnel file for every employee of the College District. The Chief Academic Officer shall maintain credential files for all instructors.

REVISED: 07/16