DEA (Local) – Compensation and Benefits: Salaries

The salary of the College President shall be set by the Board. Salaries of all administrators, teaching faculty, and other personnel shall be fixed upon recommendation of the College President with the approval of the Board.

Salaries shall be based upon formal academic preparation, professional experience, relationship to salary schedules, and general responsibilities and conditions of employment. It shall be the general policy of the Board to approve salary figures at the highest appropriate figure within the ability of the financial structure of the College District and competitive with state community colleges. The classified salary schedule shall be competitive with area public employees.

The College President shall fix the length of contracts in months based upon the needs of the College District. The length of the work week for classified employees shall be set based upon the needs of the position and to serve the goals of the College District.

Classified personnel may be reclassified as appropriate upon recommendation of the supervisor based upon duties and responsibilities. The College President will appoint a classified salary committee to provide classification recommendations for all new positions and consider reclassification requests.

The following general guidelines will apply to salaries:

1. Initial placement on the salary schedule will be recommended by the Vice President and Dean of Instruction for faculty and by the Coordinator of Human Resources for classified staff and will be approved by the College President based upon guidelines given on the salary schedule.

2. One year of experience at the College District will normally advance the employee one step on the salary schedule unless all salaries are frozen due to financial exigency. Experience of at least half of the budgetary or contracted year will count as a year of step experience.

3. Stipends for administrative duties or overload responsibilities may be set by the College President.

4. Administrative and non-teaching contracted salaries will be fixed according to the relationship of the position to other positions in the College District, the faculty salary schedule, similar positions at other institutions, and the needs of the College District.

5. All employees with faculty status are paid according to the uniform faculty salary schedule.

REVISED: 06/12