DED (Local) – Compensation and Benefits: Vacations and Holidays

Only full-time 12-month employees shall be entitled to paid vacation. Twelve month teaching faculty and 10.5 month employees do not accrue vacation. Days off during the contractual year must be taken as scheduled and do not accrue and carry forward to the next year without prior written approval of the supervisor. Refer to custodial manual for leave accrual and authorized use by custodians.

Vacation entitlement shall be earned commencing on the first day of employment and ending on the last day of employment.

Continuous employment of six months is required before an employee can be granted a vacation with pay.

Vacations must be taken at times agreed upon in advance by the employee and his or her supervisor. Vacation days earned may be taken at one time or may be taken incrementally as determined by the employee and the supervisor. Vacation days taken incrementally may not result in a long-term alteration of the employee’s scheduled work days or hours.

If an employee becomes ill while on vacation, the time off is to be charged to vacation (NOT sick leave).

Vacation entitlement is earned as follows:

• Employed by the College District five years or less—10 days per 12 months or fraction of a month of active employment, but not to exceed ten days per each 12 months.

• Employed on a full-time basis by the College District over five years—15 days per 12 months or fraction of a month, but not to exceed 15 days per each 12 months.

Accrued vacation carried forward to the next year shall never exceed days earned in the two years immediately preceding. Days earned in excess of those earned in the immediately preceding two years are lost and shall not be paid for by the College District. Total vacation days paid shall not exceed 30 days in any case.

An employee who resigns, is dismissed, retires, or otherwise is separated from employment, shall be paid for accrued vacation time but not to exceed days earned in the two years immediately preceding.

If the College District is closed due to an emergency while an employee is on leave or vacation, the leave will still be applied.

If the College District is closed due to an emergency while an employee is on leave or vacation, the leave will still be applied.


All employees (except students, part-time employees, and designated physical plant employees) are entitled to observe holidays designated in the College District bulletin or in the payroll schedule issued annually. Full-time designated physical plant employees should refer to the annual schedule to determine applicable paid holidays. The College District reserves the right to change, add, or delete holidays as dictated by the best interests of the College District.

Classified or hourly employees eligible to observe holidays will be paid for these days if such employees would otherwise be listed on a payroll for that period.

An employee becomes eligible for holiday pay immediately upon reporting for duty as required by the College District, except that holiday pay for the two-week Christmas recess and one-week Spring recess will not be paid unless the employee works at least one month immediately prior and two months immediately following either recess unless the contract or job assignment is completed. The College District may, at its discretion, require employees to work on holidays and give compensating time off at a more convenient time or pay double-time for the hours worked.

The Christmas/New Year Holiday period and Spring Break are holidays for non-classified salary employees but are not computed in pro-rata salary adjustments for partial contract years (i.e., are not included in the 240 day (12 month); 210 day (10.5 month); or 170 day (9 month) salary calculations (see CDD).

No employee other than full-time faculty shall be allowed in excess of thirteen paid holidays during the Christmas recess.

The following dates are paid holidays for full-time employees:

  • Labor Day – September
  • Thanksgiving – November
  • Christmas and New Year – December/January
  • Spring Break – March
  • Memorial Day – May*
  • July 4th – July*
  • Martin Luther King Day – February

The College District reserves the right to change approved holidays if dictated by the approved College District calendar.

* Memorial Day and July 4th may be an approved holiday as defined in the annual school calendar.

REVISED: 06/12