DP (Regulation) – Use of Angelina College Trademarks and Service Marks


1.01     The College develops and promotes various trademarks and service marks (hereinafter “marks”) to visually represent the College and to identify and distinguish the College’s programs and services.


1.02     The College acquires common law ownership rights to a mark simply by using the mark in commerce in connection with its goods or services. The College does not have to register a mark to acquire common law rights to it.


1.03     From time to time, the College registers certain marks with the Texas Secretary of State. Registration of a mark with the Texas Secretary of State is constructive notice throughout Texas of the College’s claim of ownership of the mark (Tex. Bus. & Com. Code § 16.060(b)). Texas law provides statutory cause of action for infringing upon a registered mark (Tex. Bus. & Com. Code §§ 16.102-.104), and it is a crime to counterfeit registered marks (Tex. Penal Code § 32.23).


1.04     The College uses the following marks in commerce.

 AC Wordmark in Color  AC Wordmark in Black AC Wordmark (White on Black)
 AC Monogram in Orange AC Monogram in Black  Monogram White with Black Background
 Roadrunner Spirit Logo


1.05     The College will enforce its rights to its marks.


2.01     The College uses various marks in association with traditional and online messages to foster a factual and emotional perception of Angelina College that is recognizable, impactful, and unique.  This perception is the College’s “brand”.


2.02     The AC Office of Communications publishes a visual style guide to help employees using the College’s marks for College publications, correspondences, and online messages ensure their use is consistent, appropriate, and supports Angelina College’s brand.


2.03     The College recognizes that employees and students may use the College’s marks on personal websites and/or social media services to demonstrate their association with the intuition.  However, the College President or his/her designee may revoke an employee’s or student’s authorization to such use of the College’s various marks if the person’s private use of the College’s marks is inconsistent with or damaging to the College’s brand.  If the messages or tone on a private website or social media account on which an employee or student has used a College mark are detrimental to the College’s brand, the College President or his/her designee may revoke the person’s authorization to use the College’s marks, and direct the person to remove such marks from his/her site or account.


Approved Nov. 2018