EDAA (Regulation) – Instructional Materials: Libraries and Laboratories

The library collections, including books, copies of bound and current periodicals, and audiovisual materials, shall be a sufficient size and quality to ensure effectiveness in the instructional program on and off campus. Provisions must be made in the annual budget to keep the collection in good repair and to provide for continual improvement to meet current educational needs and trends. The library collection shall be inventoried periodically with recognized college library lists.

Circulation records that reflect student and faculty utilization of the library facilities shall be maintained. A program of orientation for the use of the library shall be maintained for freshman students.

The physical environment of the library shall be attractive and have adequate lighting, standard library furniture, fixtures, and equipment, adequate seating capacity, and sufficient work space for the library staff.


Books from the regular collection are checked out for two to three weeks depending on the day they are checked out. Faculty members are expected to return their books on or before their date due unless special arrangements have been made to keep them for class use. Faculty are responsible for materials and equipment checked out to them. A statement will be sent for non-returned and damaged material based on replacement costs.

Books that are involved in special assignments may be placed on reserve by faculty members for restricted use. These books are shelved behind the circulation desk and are restricted to library use only, overnight use, three-day reserve, or seven-day reserve, according to the wishes of the faculty member who placed them on reserve.

Such works as dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, and certain other reference books so designated are to be used in the library only.

Magazines, newspapers, journals, etc., do not circulate outside the library.

The library has a collection of recordings, both audio and video, that may be used by faculty in connection with their classes. These materials may also be borrowed for short periods of time for personal use. Again, faculty members are expected to return A-V materials as soon as they are finished with them. All film rentals and use of other A-V equipment and materials are scheduled through the library. The classroom in the library must be scheduled in advance in order to be used for production and presentation of video tapes and certain other audiovisual materials.

The library maintains a collection of clippings, pamphlets, and other ephemeral material known as the Vertical File. This material does not circulate.

Faculty members are expected to request relevant and current materials related to their discipline. The forms are provided in the library at the circulation desk. The library staff is guided by a weeding policy and should periodically identify books to be removed from the collections. Faculty members must confirm that all of the materials are no longer relevant for current or archival use. The materials may then be discarded.

Public school students and citizens of Angelina County will be permitted to use the library. However, only books may be checked out for three-day use.

The library provides copiers and typewriters.

This service is provided to all users within the limitations of the ALA membership.

The faculty has a designated area for their books and periodicals related to current issues in the teaching-learning process. A faculty committee previews all materials recommended by the dean of instruction and admissions.

A gift may be accepted, the use of which is subject to the condition of supporting the mission and goals of the College District and the library. All gifts become a part of the collection and subject to the College District disposal of surplus property policy. [See CAM(LOCAL)]