EF (Local) – Curriculum Design: Substantive Change Policy & Procedure


The College’s Substantive Change Policy & Procedure is based on Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) Policy Substantive Change for SACSCOC Accredited Institutions (http://www.sacscoc.org)

1.01 Purpose

Angelina College will work to ensure all incidences of substantive change are reported in a timely manner. The College will establish a process for adherence to the policies and guidelines of SACSCOC related to institutional change. In accordance with SACSCOC policies, the College will notify the Commission on Colleges of substantive changes and will seek approval prior to the initiation of changes when appropriate. SACSCOC requires all substantive changes that occur after an institution’s decennial review to be submitted in the next Compliance Certification.

SACSCOC policy states, “Substantive change is a significant modification of expansion of the nature and scope of an accredited institution” (SACSCOC, 2016). Table 1 specifies substantive changes with approval and notification requirements as identified by SACSCOC.

[table id=250 /]

1.02 Persons Responsible

• The Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) serves as the Accreditation Liaison. The VPAA/Accreditation Liaison monitors all institutional changes under consideration, oversees substantive change processes, ensures necessary documentation is prepared, and provides training on substantive change as needed.

• President, Vice Presidents, and academic leaders (Associate Deans of Instruction, program Directors and lead instructors) and faculty members report initial campus considerations or stakeholder discussions of future substantive institutional changes to VPAA/Accreditation Liaison.

1.03 Process

• Proposed substantive changes must be formally submitted to the VPAA/Accreditation Liaison at least 12 months prior to proposed implementation of the changes.

• The VPAA/Accreditation Liaison coordinates review of proposed substantive changes with appropriate standing committee(s), the President, and other units of the College as necessary.

• For each proposed substantive change, the VPAA/Accreditation Liaison will assign responsibility to appropriate divisional personnel to work with him/her to complete the required materials for submission (e.g., prospectus, letters, etc.).

• The VPAA/Accreditation Liaison will notify the President four months prior to submission of any related documents to SACSCOC, and the President will notify the Board of Trustees of the substantive change at the next regular meeting of the Board (not less than three months prior to the college submitting materials to SACSCOC).

• The institutional documentation and submission must comply with the current Substantive Change for SACSCOC Accredited Institutions policy for all prior notifications, contact time, and/or prior approval.

• The President and VPAA/Accreditation Liaison will send completed substantive change documents to SACSCOC according to the Commission’s reporting timeline.


2.01 Publication

The Policy is published in the online Angelina College Policy & Procedure Manual and is available in the Office of the President.

2.02 Approval

The Policy was approved by the Board of Trustees on April 10, 2017

2.03 Implemented & Enforced

The President is responsible for ensuring this policy is implemented, and the Vice President of Academic Affairs/Accreditation Liaison is responsible for its enforcement.

ADOPTED: 04/2017