EFCB (Regulation) – Special Programs: Adult and Continuing Education


Continuing education and community services is a public service component of the College District that provides lifelong learning opportunities. These opportunities may be referred to as adult vocational education, workforce education, public or community service programs, or extension services. The coordinating board recognizes that in order to prepare a literate and trained workforce for economic stability and development, a true joint partnership between private and public sectors is required. Accordingly, the coordinating board encourages contractual agreements between postsecondary institutions and business, industry, and other government agencies. The coordinating board policy intends to provide institutional incentives for college districts to work with business, industry, and government in the development of an educated workforce in Texas. Responsibility for establishing instructional contracts resides with the vice president of community services with final approval by the College President.

The College District may enter into contractual arrangements with outside organizations to provide instruction. Contractual agreements for instruction with non-regionally accredited organizations shall have education as their primary purpose and be subject to the College District purchasing policy. Such courses and programs must be consistent with the educational purpose, mission, and goals of the College District. If state reimbursement is requested, such courses and programs must remain under the sole and direct control of the College District. Programs shall be operated in accordance with coordinating board regulations and subject to provisions of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.