FE (Regulation) – Student Financial Aid


There are a number of scholarships made available to College District students by individuals and organizations interested in the education of worthy students in the community. Scholarships are awarded by various divisions of the College, local industries, organizations, businesses and the scholarship committee. All scholarship awards, regardless of the sources, are administered by the Scholarship Coordinator and the Dean of Student Services.

Although primary emphasis of scholarship awards is placed on recruitment, awards may be given for the purpose of retention or when upgrading a recipient’s award is deemed appropriate by the committee.

In the interest of providing adequate control over scholarships and fairness in the distribution of scholarships among students, the following policy and procedures will apply to scholarship awards with the exception of athletic and cheerleader scholarships.

The committee shall consist of full-time faculty, with each division of the College District being represented by one or more members, (See BGC). The committee shall award academic scholarships to eligible students, except for those scholarships awarded by the divisions. The committee shall recommend policy changes, recommend scholarship recipients to the office of student services and elect a chairperson during the September meeting.

The committee shall have regularly scheduled meetings in August, December, March and July during the academic year. The chairperson shall call additional meetings as necessary.


In addition to the committee, the Fine Arts Division, the Health Careers Division and the Technology/Workforce Division award scholarships. There are also several personal consultation scholarships awarded that are personally recommended by faculty.

In order to facilitate adequate control and fairness in the distribution of scholarships, the Fine Arts, Health Careers and Technology/Workforce Divisions must provide the following information to the Scholarship Coordinator and chair of the scholarship committee immediately after the selection of award recipients: name and student identification number of recipient, name of award, amount and duration of award.

The committee shall notify the above-mentioned divisions of any awards made by the committee for the purpose of ensuring fairness in the distribution of academic scholarships.

The committee shall generally award only one scholarship to a prospective recipient. However, under exceptional circumstances, the committee may deem it appropriate to award multiple scholarships. Full-time scholarship recipients may receive awards for up to four semesters, fall and spring semesters only, provided they meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the specific award. No scholarships awarded by the committee shall be available during the summer terms. Part-time students, enrolled in less than 12 semester hours, shall be eligible for academic scholarships that do not specifically state in the eligibility criteria that the student must be full-time. Part-time scholarship recipients may be eligible for awards in excess of four semesters. The total dollar amount shall not exceed the amount a full-time student would receive on a comparable scholarship.

The Director of Financial Aid and Scholarship Coordinator shall ensure that scholarship information is current in the College District bulletin. The Scholarship Coordinator shall create and be responsible for distribution of applications, brochures and other related documents. The Scholarship Coordinator shall provide scholarship information and applications to students at orientation sessions.

The Scholarship Coordinator shall compile a master list of all scholarship applicants and provide a list of applicants ranked by entrance exam scores, high school class rank, College District grade point average and other pertinent information to the committee members at least three days prior to committee meetings.

The Scholarship Coordinator shall receive the current scholarship balances from the designated staff in the business office in order to determine scholarship availability. The Scholarship Coordinator shall provide the committee with a list of available scholarships, the eligibility requirements for each scholarship and the number of awards that can be made from each scholarship.

The Scholarship Coordinator shall create and disburse letters of acceptance or rejection to scholarship applicants promptly after committee action. A master file of all acceptance letters shall be maintained.

The Scholarship Coordinator shall review the income-by account, or summary, of all scholarship awards and shall reconcile it and make necessary corrections and initiate reimbursements when necessary.

The Scholarship Coordinator shall work with recipients in sending letters of gratitude to donors and coordinate news releases concerning scholarships.

The Scholarship Coordinator shall ensure the orderly processing of non-institutional and general criteria-driven awards and review awards prior to each semester to ensure that recipients meet the eligible criteria.

The Scholarship Coordinator shall compile a list of all recipients awarded scholarships by the committee, including the recipient’s grade point average, total number of hours taken each semester and semesters on this scholarship. This information will be made available to the committee during the January and June meetings.

The Scholarship Coordinator shall review the list of graduates at the conclusion of each term and notify the committee of graduation status.

The Dean of Student Services, or his designee, shall provide scholarship information and applications to prospective students at high school career days and other similar activities throughout the service area of the College District.

The Dean of Student Services, or his designee, shall regularly communicate with principals, counselors and other appropriate high school personnel throughout the service area of the College District regarding the availability of scholarships at the College District. Principals, counselors and other appropriate high school personnel shall, at least annually, be provided multiple copies of the academic scholarship application form.

The Dean of Student Services, or his designee, shall represent Angelina College at ceremonies in which College scholarships are presented to high school seniors.

REVISED: 06/12