FKC (Regulation) – Student Activities: Registered Student Organizations

Participation of students in student activities is based upon interests, abilities, and maintenance of satisfactory academic standing and progress. The general objectives of all student activities shall be the development of intellectual potential, to attain physical wellbeing, and to enrich student’s social, cultural, and civic experiences.

The student activities program shall be under the supervision of the Dean of Student Services or designee. The Dean of Student Services in conjunction with the student activities and athletic committee, the College District student association, and the dormitory council will plan and schedule student activities.

The College District shall not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, national origin, or disability in providing student activities to the students. The College District shall provide qualified disabled students an equal opportunity to participate in collegiate clubs, intramural sports, and other student activities.

Members of student organizations are expected to obey all local, state, and federal laws in addition to all the regulations of the College District. The standards of student conduct, including disciplinary procedures are designed to provide and conform to the basic tenets of due process.

Freedom of discussion, inquiry, and expression is fostered by the College District and the privileges of citizenship are protected. Accordingly, the College District has developed regulations pertaining to students and student organizations. Any student or organizations violating a regulation of the College District is subject to disciplinary action according to the provisions of this code.

Personal conduct of students or student organizations on the College District campus, or at College District-sponsored events is subject to College District disciplinary jurisdiction. The College District may enforce its disciplinary policy and procedure when personal conduct, regardless of where it occurs, directly, seriously, or adversely interferes with, or disrupts the overall mission, programs, or other functions of the College District.

Recognition of student groups shall not be denied on the basis of views expressed by the group. However, emphasis for recognition is placed on the activity orientation of the prospective organization and is generally related to instructional areas or recreational pursuits. Recognition may be denied if the group violates reasonable campus rules and/or does not serve an expressed mission of the College District.

Student organizations must have an approved faculty or staff advisor who shall ensure that the College District regulations pertaining to student organizations are fulfilled. The faculty/staff advisor shall provide leadership and guidance to the student organization as well as continuity from one year to the next. It is especially noted that the role of the faculty/staff advisor is not one of control but rather advisement and counsel.

Student organizations may be officially recognized when formed for purposes that are consistent with the philosophy, goals, and mission of the College District. To be recognized, student groups must:

1. Have an approved faculty/staff advisor.

2. File a constitution and statement of purpose with the office of student services.

3. File an annual request with the office of student services for official recognition.

4. Conduct the activities of the organization in a manner that reflects the goals of the College District.

5. Ensure that the purpose, goals, and activities of the organization does not duplicate those of another.

6. Ensure that participation is not denied based on sex, disability, race, nationality, or religion.]

Students participating in student organizations must maintain satisfactory academic progress as outlined in the College District Student Handbook.

Students selected as officers in student organizations will have at least a 2.00 grade point average at the time of election and post at least a 2.00 GPA during subsequent semesters. Officers shall be enrolled in a minimum of six semester hours.

A recognized student organization shall be entitled to invite and sponsor speakers for its group. However, organizations are not authorized to present programs to an all-College audience unless they are approved to do so by the Dean of Student Services. An event open to an all-College audience shall generally be defined as one that is promoted as being open to persons who are not members of the sponsoring organization.

The Dean of Student Services shall negotiate and sign contracts for all entertainment, recreational, cultural, or educational events that are being considered for an all-College District audience.

The organization inviting a speaker or performer to the campus shall be responsible for any and all damages proximately caused by acts of misfeasance or malfeasance on the part of the speaker/ performer or those acting in concert with the speaker. The inviting organization shall hold the College District harmless from any and all damages caused by the speaker/performer or those acting in concert with the speaker.

The College District reserves the right to cancel any event deemed likely to cause an interruption in the College District’s orderly activities. The president or a duly authorized representative may order an event to be terminated on grounds that it constitutes disruptive activity as defined by the Texas Education Code. All student organizations will have their functions, whether on or off campus, approved by their official faculty/staff advisors. State law as it regards candidates for public office and campaigning on public property and all other applicable statutes shall be observed. Political organizations inviting candidates to speak to an all-College District audience shall afford equal time to opponents seeking that political office.

General publicity shall be defined as any method or device for disseminating informational material on the College District campus. General publicity must be approved by the office of student services before posting on College District bulletin boards.

Only events sponsored by a recognized student organization may be promoted under these guidelines.

All publicity posted on bulletin boards shall be no larger than 616 square inches, 22” x 28”.

There shall be no more than one poster or announcement of a particular announcement per bulletin board.

All publicity shall contain the name of the sponsoring organization.

Recognized organizations posting publicity are responsible for removal of the material when the date for posting has expired. An expiration date shall be considered as one day following the date of the posted event. The posting period shall not exceed three weeks.

General publicity printed in a foreign language shall have the same information presented in English and shall have the name of the recognized organization presented in English.

General publicity shall be posted to bulletin boards and other designated posting areas only. No posting shall be attached to glass surfaces, indoor or outdoor walls, doors, vending machines, cars, trees, light posts, or other similarly unauthorized locations. Chalking of sidewalks is prohibited.

A recognized organization shall not advertise or promote events or activities in a manner that falsely suggests that the event or activity is sponsored by the College District.

Fund-raising activities shall be conducted in a manner that does not jeopardize support the College District receives. Fund-raising activities by recognized student organizations shall be approved by the Dean of Student Services.

The College District business office maintains accounts for all recognized organizations. All funds earned through fund-raising activities or membership dues shall be deposited in the organization’s account.

The athletic program functions in accordance with the goals and mission of the College District. The athletic program adheres to the rules and regulations set forth by the National Junior College Athletic Association and the Region 14 Athletic Conference and strives to promote a sense of community in the College District and its service area.

The intercollegiate athletic program operates under the supervision of the athletic director who reports to the College President. The student activities and athletic committee is a standing faculty committee charged with the review and recommendation of student activities and athletics regarding their contributions to the College District community. The committee’s review shall include athletic department policies and input into the evaluation of the program’s effectiveness.

The granting of intercollegiate athletic scholarships shall follow the regulations set forth by the National Junior College Athletic Association and the Region 14 Athletic Conference.