GCA (Local) – Official Institutional Relationships

The Angelina College Board of Trustees recognizes the potential value of official institutional relationships with individuals, civic and nonprofit organizations, government agencies and districts, businesses and corporations, other higher education institutions, independent school districts, and other entities. Official institutional relationships shall not detract from the College’s values, dignity, integrity, or reputation, nor shall any official institutional relationship create a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest.

The Board of Trustees delegates exclusively to the College president authority to develop and negotiate on behalf of the College District official institutional relationships with the intent of contributing to the overall operation, development, and promotion of the College District. On behalf of the College District, the College president shall execute an appropriate instrument such as a memorandum of understanding, articulation agreement, or contract with any entity with which he or she negotiates an official institutional relationship. A provision allowing the College District to terminate the agreement within a reasonable timeframe for breach of contract or material changes in circumstances must be incorporated in the agreement instrument. The College president shall exclusively recommend official institutional relationships to the Board of Trustees, and all official institutional relationships are pending upon final approval of the Board of Trustees.

For the purposes of this policy, official institutional relationships are those that (a) involve a substantial or material commitment of College District financial, physical, or personnel resources; (b) publicly associate the College District’s name or brand with the name or brand of another entity; and/or (c) establish an exclusive association between the College District and an entity for the provision of a service, program, or activity.

The Board delegates to the College president authority to enter into unofficial relationships on behalf of the College District providing an unofficial relationship does not result in a commitment, association, or establishment as described in the definition of an official institutional relationship.

ADOPTED: 04/16