GFA (Local) – Student And Community Use of College District Facilities: Conduct on College District Premises

In addition to criminal penalties as allowed by law, any student who refuses to identify himself or herself fully may be subject to discipline, including suspension.

The College District prohibits the use, possession, or display of any firearm, illegal knife, club, or prohibited weapon, as defined in FLB, on all College District property at all times.

No violation of this policy occurs when the use, possession, or display of an otherwise prohibited weapon takes place as part of a College District approved activity supervised by proper authorities.

The College District is a tobacco-free institution committed to providing its students and employees a safe and healthy environment. The use of all tobacco products shall be prohibited on all property owned or operated by the College District.

This shall include buildings, grounds, sidewalks, and streets.

This policy shall also apply to vehicles owned or operated by the College District.

Smoking and Tobacco use are permitted only inside the confines of private vehicles.

E-Cigarettes are prohibited in classrooms, labs, and activity areas in which they would be a potential hazard or distraction.

ADOPTED: 06/12