Objective 1.4 Strategies

  1. Provide financial aid information throughout the service area.
  2. Provide need-based aid to eligible students.
  3. Student support service areas will collaborate to devise strategies to promote enrollment of eligible concurrent students.
  4. Support the College and Career Connections Program to encourage continued enrollment at Angelina College after high school graduation.
  5. Promote outreach, recruitment, and retention efforts for ethnically and economically diverse groups throughout the service area.
  6. Contact non-returning students to encourage re-admission.
  7. Explore external funding sources to support existing services.
  8. Implement a student release process to allow program related student information and performance data to be secured for THECB.
  9. Communicate retention efforts across campus and on off-campus teaching centers. 

Expected Outcome(s):       

1.4.1.  Increase the distribution of financial aid throughout the service area each academic year.

1.4.2   Increase need-based aid to eligible student students each academic year.

1.4.3   Increase concurrent student enrollment each academic year.

1.4.4   Increase percentage of concurrent students attending Angelina College during the fall semester after graduation.

1.4.5   Retain 80% of students from fall to spring by the end of the 5 year period.