Office of Communications


The purpose of the Office of Communications is to support the mission of Angelina College through effective external and internal communication, including the creation of effective news releases, print/electronic publications, and social media content; maintenance and quality assurance of the College website, and maintenance of the College’s visual standards.

Office of Communications Publications Policy

Publications* geared toward students, parents, alumni, and other college constituencies must be approved by the Communications Manager PRIOR to printing/copying.

Angelina College publications reflect not only the quality of individual events and programs, but also the character of the college. The Office of Communications works to establish consistency and accuracy in College publications and to provide a consistent identity for Angelina College publications.

*Publications are those materials that use the College name or logo, are distributed on or off campus, and/or are paid for with College funds.  Examples include brochures, fliers, event programs, etc. This does not include course syllabi/ handouts, student publications, letters, memoranda, or other personally signed communications.


A communication plan is a simple, proactive approach to achieving your goals. The plan lists those things that need to be shared with employees, students, and/or the public.

Simply fill out the template and create a timeline of events/information that needs to be disseminated and to whom it should be disseminated. Schedule a time to meet with the Communications Manager and to discuss the support you will need to execute the plan. Communication plans will be incorporated into an all-inclusive campus communication plan.


Campus-wide emails are sent exclusively by the Communications Manager. To request a campus-wide email, contact the Communications Manager.


  1. Send announcements and information ready to email. Each request should be carefully proofread for grammar, spelling, punctuation. Be sure dates, times, places, and contact information and other details are accurate. Announcements will be released “as is.” The integrity of the message is the email requestor’s responsibility.
  2. Include the entire announcement in the body of the message (no attachments, please). Announcements should be as succinct as possible – just the essential facts.
  3. Announcements must pertain to Angelina College business or AC-sponsored campus activities or events only.
  4. Clubs/organizations requesting an announcement must be officially recognized by the Office of the Student Life.


The Office of Communications created a visual style guide so that the College’s materials will present a unified image. The development and use of separate logos to represent Angelina College divisions, offices, or programs is prohibited.

All publications that represent Angelina College should be reviewed PRIOR to production by the Communications Manager to ensure that the graphics standards have been met.


Initiating a Project: PRIOR to bringing a project to the Office of Communications, the project initiator must receive approval from his/her supervisor. Once approval is obtained, a hard copy of all written materials and high-resolutions images to be included in the publication must be sent to the Office of Communications. Be sure to include a completed, signed Publications Request Form.

In addition to the hard copy, all written material must be submitted to the Office of Communications electronically. High-resolution photos and/or graphics must also be supplied.

It is unnecessary to format the text as this will be done during the design process. Do not submit copy in all-capital letters. Be sure the copy is complete and accurate.

The Office of Communications will determine which graphics best suit the publication. The Office reserves the right to deny supplied graphics based on their appropriateness and/or resolution requirements. Graphics must be a minimum of 300 DPI and supplied as .tif, .jpg, .png or .eps files. Graphics must be submitted as separate images, rather than embedded in Word or Publisher documents.

The project initiator must schedule a meeting with the Communications Manager to discuss details of the project. The Office of Communications will determine the type of design and graphic support needed.

Proofreading: Project initiators are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their publications. Once a project has been created, a proof will be sent to the project initiator for approval. The proof must be returned to the Office of Communications marked either with approval to print or with changes, additions, or corrections. The publication process will not continue unless the approved proof has been returned to the Office of Communications.

Copy or Design Changes: Edits to the proof should be clearly marked with red ink on the hard copy and returned to the Office of Communications. Major copy changes must be submitted electronically. The Office of Communications will make editorial decisions in the areas of writing, design, and production. Once a project has been sent to an outside vendor for print, changes should not be made unless absolutely necessary for accuracy.

Printing: The scope of each job will determine whether it is printed in-house or by an outside vendor.

Budgets: The project initiator is responsible for the cost of printing the requested publication.

Project Timeline Considerations: The turnaround time for projects designed by the Office of Communications and printed by an outside vendor is a minimum of four weeks (20 working days). Larger projects will require more time. Projects designed by an outside vendor require a longer turnaround time.

Accreditation Statement and Statement of Non-Discrimination: The accreditation and non-discrimination statements should appear in all appropriate publications.