Student organizations at Angelina College include:

Alpha Beta Gamma - Rho Alpha Chapter - an International Business Honor Society established in 1970 to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students in business curricula.

Angelina College Engineering Society - for students enrolled in engineering courses at Angelina College. Affiliated with the national Society of Professional Engineers

AC Young Democrats

Vision Coalition - for students interested in art

Angelina College Spanish Club - seeks to expand students' awareness of the Hispanic culture and to provide opportunities to participate in activities that contribute to their awareness.

Baptist Student Ministry - The B.S.M. hopes to provide guidance, through Bible teaching and study. 

Phi Theta Kappa - a national junior college honorary scholastic society. Members are chosen through election by the chapter and a faculty committee on a basis of scholarship, leadership and character.

Press Club - an organization for students in the journalism program, who produce The Pacer, the student newspaper, and AC View,  the campus magazine. The organization is affiliated with the Texas Community College Journalism Association and the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association.

PSI (Psychology And Sociology Inc.) - seeks to create an environment in which learning about psychology and sociology can be promoted by like-minded individuals.

Students in Free Enterprise - a part of a national program which allows students to speak up for the American free enterprise system

Angelina College Nursing Students Association - an organization for nursing students. The organization is affiliated with the Texas Organization for the Advancement of Associate Degree Nursing and the Texas Nursing Student Association

Live Poet's Society - an organization of poets, authors, artists and those who appreciate literature

Paralegal/Legal Assistant Club - an organization open to students in the legal assistant program

Angelina College Respiratory Care Freshman Student Association - an organization for students in the respiratory care program

Rodeo Club - an organization that promotes intercollegiate rodeo on a national scale, maintains interest in the rodeo heritage of the American West and is actively involved in the volunteer community activities

Angelina College Student Association - an organization that deals with student programs and issues, the enhancement of student activities, and provides input as requested to college administration on policies, planning and evaluation