Meet Angelina College’s Recruiters!

Armando Palomino

Hola…Hello! My name is Armando Palomino and I am very excited to be a part of a great college community here at Angelina College! I look forward to working with you, your students, and your school district. My passion for education has led me to where I am at today. I taught high school Spanish for the past 4 years and decided to pursue higher education and here I am, recruiting future students to the Angelina College campus. I enjoy working with high school students and I look forward to serving you and your school or organization. Please feel free to contact me. I look forward to meeting you and remember, Angelina College is a great place to “find your future”!

Armando Palomino


Office of Enrollment Services

(936) 633-5296


Collin Wise

Hi! My name is Colin Wise and I am extremely excited to be a part of the Roadrunner family once again! I look forward to helping you have a great college experience just like I had at Angelina College. I was born and raised in Lufkin and graduated from Angelina College in 2018 with my Associates in Music and Arts. I like ICEE’s and I only love my bed and my momma…I’m sorry! (Just kidding.) I have a strong passion for music and singing. Please feel free to contact me. I look forward to working with you!

Colin Wise


Office of Enrollment Services

(936) 633-3217


Outreach at Angelina College is responsible for promoting Angelina College and enrolling prospective students.

Angelina College prides itself on being an active and participative member of the community. As such, the college strives to serve all of our service area high schools and various service-oriented community organizations through a number of ways: College readiness presentations, ApplyTexas Workshops, FAFSA/Financial Aid Workshops, gifting of college promotional items, the coordination of campus tours, community outreach, and social media marketing

Below, a list of the various services and workshops Angelina College currently utilizes – and descriptions of those services, are listed. All services rendered are free of charge.

To request one of our services, please click on the corresponding title.

College Readiness/Career Tracks Presentation:

This is an interactive presentation (45 minutes to an hour) using the Prezi platform, which covers college readiness, college fit, and Angelina College’s: academic programs, career/technology programs, accessibility, admissions, affordability, quality, and student life (fine arts, athletics, clubs, campus wide charity drives, etc.).

The interactive presentation uses Kahoot to gain participatory action from the audience in a fun way. Typically, Angelina College promotional items are given as prizes. These items consist of: t-shirts, keychains, pennants, pens, stickers, and other items of the sort.

A shorter presentation (25 to 30 min) is also available.

Apply Texas Workshop:

We care that members of our community are as prepared as possible when it comes to getting into college. An ApplyTexas workshop aids interested parties in applying to colleges (not just to Angelina College) through the ApplyTexas website. The ApplyTexas website streamlines the college application process, making it easier on prospective students to apply to more than one college. An Angelina College representative will assist prospective students, using a step-by-step process, through the website so that the process moves more accurately and efficiently.

FAFSA/Financial Aid Workshops:

The College’s Financial Aid Office cares that future students gain the knowledge they need to pay for college. To accomplish this, the Outreach Coordinator and the Director of Financial Aid coordinate FAFSA/Financial Aid Workshops, which typically run an hour long. These workshops require a computer lab or individual laptops to be available for every prospective student. Within this hour (it will run longer if needed), a Financial Aid representative will discuss what the FAFSA is and what it accomplishes, the online scholarship application for Angelina College, and work through the FAFSA with students and their parents/guardians.

College Promotional Items for Schools/Community Organizations:

Outreach is in charge of distributing the College’s promotional items. To request a college promotional gift bag, you must be a school counselor or in a position of leadership for your civic organization in our service area. Typically, counselors request items for college boards or college days at their schools. Civic organizations request informational packages for the clients they serve. Please only request this service if you fit the above criteria.

Community Outreach/Volunteer Work:

At Angelina College, we are passionate about serving populations outside of high schools. To do this, the Outreach office strives to establish and maintain relationships with various civic organizations in the community. If you are interested in someone coming out to your organization’s event, or having a representative come out and serve the population your organization targets, we want to be there!

Campus Tours:

If you are interested in scheduling a campus tour for a group, click here.

If you are interested in scheduling an individual tour, click here.

Social Media Outreach:

Find us on our various social media platforms! This is a great way to keep up with campus life updates, registration deadlines, and participate in campus giveaways!

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