President’s Letter

Angelina College’s Quality Enhancement Plan, “Math Achievement and Student Support” (MASS), puts student success theory into practice. Students in the MASS program are first-year, first-time students who, through the Texas Success Initiative Assessment, were identified as needing extra assistance to succeed in math.

The students in the MASS program enroll in Basic Math, Math Lab, and Student Success courses. Additionally, students learn about the support services that are available to them, and the college places them in learning communities. Through the learning communities, students develop communication and teamwork skills to help them succeed in math and in other coursework as well.

MASS students participate in seminars that increase their engagement with support services such as academic advising, financial literacy, career counseling, and special support services. This information, combined with the connection and support of their learning communities, creates a pathway to success in math for these students.

MASS was piloted in Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 semesters, and it resulted in significantly higher retention and progression rates compared to non-MASS students. As of Spring 2015, both the retention and progression rates were 94 percent.

The full implementation of the MASS program will involve the addition of new learning communities each Fall semester. Within five years, the college plans to have four daytime learning communities, one evening learning community, and one learning community at each Distance Education location.

I am extremely proud of this plan. By putting the theory of learning communities into practice at AC, we are changing students’ lives. Many MASS students tell us that after succeeding in their most challenging subject, they feel that they can achieve anything. AC’s Quality Enhancement Plan is just one more way we are helping students reach their full potential.