Angelina College Releases List of 2013-2014 Graduates

   Angelina College is pleased to release the list of graduates for the Class of 2014, with more than 300 students receiving their degrees and/or certifications.
Following is the list divided by hometown of record and including the appropriate degree and/or certification:

Keisha Hodge, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Datrin Moore, Cert., EMT-Fluid Power Specialty.

Apple Springs
Amanda Roden, AAS, Registered Nurse.

Bridge City
Zachary Smith, AA, Health and Physical Education.

Wesley Reynolds, Cert., Diesel Technology.

Jenny Cooper, AAS, Registered Nurse.

Lauren Hagler, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Brenna Moore, AAS, Diagnostic Medical.

Brock Mahaffey, AA, Health and Physical Education.

Leticia Ceja, AAS, Cert., Child and Family Development; Kristina Laskoskie, AAS, Registered Nurse.

Heather Cagle, AAS, Registered Nurse.

Myra Barrow, AA, Teaching; Samantha Maywald, AAS, Cert., Drafting and Design; Allysan McCreary, AA, Music.

Martha Barthold, AAS, Office Administration; Ellen Davis, Cert., Office Administration; Roberto DeJesus, AAS, Registered Nurse; Patricia Johnson, Cert., Pharmacy Technology; Kaylynn Lucas, AA, General Curriculum; Eliza Watts, AA, General Curriculum.

Jesse King, Cert., Pharmacy Technology; Brandon Whitehead, Cert., Pharmacy Technology.
Wade Alexander, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Lilibet Carbajal, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Eliud Cordova, AAS, Registered Nurse; Silbia Espitia, Cert., Pharmacy Technology; Jose Jiminez, Cert., Diesel Technology; Joshua Mickey, AA, Journalism/Mass Communications; Monica Mercado, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Arturo Morado, Cert., EMT-Electrical Specialty; Nayeli Pena, AAS, Registered Nurse; Jazmin Robles, Cert., Office Administration-Word Processing; Faustino Salaiz, AAS, Registered Nurse; Alyssa Santana, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Francis Tomez, AAS, Registered Nurse; Lloyd Youngblood, Cert., EMT-Industrial HVAC Specialty. 

Sue Perkins, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Delaney Scaief, AA, General Curriculum; Crystal Wheeler, AAS, Human Services-Case Management Specialty-Family Emphasis/Cert., Human Services.

Amanda Cranford, AAS, Respiratory Care; Laci Hairgrove, AAS, Respiratory Care; Christopher Lloyd, AA, Health and Physical Education; Leticia Morales, AAS, Accounting.

Jerri Greene, AS, Business-Leading to BBA.

Halye Hollis, Cert., Pharmacy Technology; Vince Woychesin, AAS, Criminal Justice.

Ashton Corley, AAS, Registered Nurse; Brittany Henson, AAS, Registered Nurse; Lanceshetta Hutchinson, AAS, Child and Family Development; Leachess Smith, Cert., Child and Family Development.

Tessa Thomas, AA, General Curriculum.

Baylee Bell, AAS, Office Administration; Michael Carver, Cert., Diesel Technology; Patricia Carver, AAS, Cert., Human Services-Case Management Specialty/Gerontology Emphasis; Blaine Cauble, AA, General Curriculum; Kristen Hardy, AAS, Registered Nurse; James Henderson, Cert., Diesel Technology; Justin Lovett, AA, General Curriculum; Heather McCall, AAS, Registered Nurse; Brion Mitchell, AAS, Criminal Justice, Michael Munroe, Cert., Pharmacy Technology; Juliette Nunn, AAS, Registered Nurse; Tiffany Trentham, AAS, Criminal Justice; Amber Walker, AAS, Cert., Office Administration-Word Processing.

Ceidra Coleman, AA, Journalism/Mass Communications.

Christopher Armstrong, Cert., Welding-Basic; Robert Fancher, AAS, Welding; Laporchia Green, AAS, Cert., Human Services-Case Management Specialty/Family Emphasis; Christopher Guidry, Cert., Welding-Intermediate; Kolby Hart, Cert., Welding-Basic; Marlo Horn, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Luke McLeod, Cert., Welding-Basic; Dorothy Parker, Cert., Child and Family Development, Child and Family Development-Administration; Kegan Spikes, Cert., Welding-Basic.

Jessica Simons, Cert., Pharmacy Technology; Susan Sowder, AAS, Registered Nurse; Mary Warden, AAS, Registered Nurse.

James Womack, Cert., Diesel Technology.

Kristy Mace, AAS, Management Development.
Lauren Babbs, AAS, Registered Nurse; Darrel DeGraw, AAS, Criminal Justice; Travis Doucett, AS, General Science; Maria Garcia, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Hobby Hendrix, Cert., Diesel Technology; Shona Heredia, AAS, Registered Nurse; Daniel Kirkpatrick, Cert., EMT-Fluid Power Specialty; Cabrena Lunsford, AAS, General Business; Stefani Marsh, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Daniel McBride, AAS, Cert., EMT-Fluid Power Specialty; Chancellor Morris, Cert., Diesel Technology; Melinda Spaniel, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Ernestina Tolar, AAS, Registered Nurse; Rachel Tubbleville, AAS, Registered Nurse; Allyson Tucker, AAS, Cert., Child And Family Development, Child and Family Development -Admin; Angela Wise, AAS, Registered Nurse; Jerry Young, Cert., EMT-Industrial HVAC Specialty.

Francisco Acevedo, AAS, Cert., Drafting and Design; Sandra Acevedo, AAS, Management Development; Shelly Aguilar, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Jeremy Aldava, AAS, Management Development; Andrea Armstrong, AAS, Registered Nurse; Judith Arriaga, AAS, Registered Nurse; Ashlie Arthur, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Jennifer Balderas, Cert., Pharmacy Technology; Shirley Barnea, AAS, Registered Nurse; Jessica Barlow, AAS, Management Development; Tyler Bentley, Cert., EMT-Electrical Specialty; Jonathan Betamen, AAS, CIS-Programmer Analyst; Megan Blattner, AAS, Drafting and Design; Kindle Bonner, AA, Theater; Allicyn Bowley, AA, General Curriculum; Cynthia Bowman, AAS, Cert., CIS-Network Support Technician; Hannah Bozeman, AAS, Registered Nurse; Tamara Brooks, AAS, Office Administration; Ramey Burch, AAS, Diagnostic Medical Sonography; Laura Campos, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Justin Carpenter, AAS, Welding; Marco Chairez, AAS, EMT-Electrical; Shawna Chapman, AAS, Design and Applied Arts; Bruce Childers, AS, General Curriculum; David Clark, AS, Engineering; Jonathan Clos, AA, Design and Applied Arts; Candice Davis, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Eric DeLeon, Cert., EMT-Industrial HVAC; Willie Deason, Cert., EMT-Industrial HVAC; Yvette De La Garza, AAS, Design and Applied Arts; Christopher Duncan, AAS, EMT-Electrical Specialty; Kayla Emminizer, AA, General Curriculum; Yuri Escobedo, AAS, Registered Nurse; Carlos Espino, AAS, Drafting and Design; German Estrada, Cert., Pharmacy Technology; William Fraser, AAS, Registered Nurse; Ashton Galloway, AAS, Registered Nurse; Jose Garcia, AA, General Curriculum; William Garcia, AAS, Drafting and Design; Ricardo Garza, Cert., Diesel Technology; Bethany Gibson, AA, General Curriculum; Heidi Glawson, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Ana Gonzalez, Cert., Pharmacy Technology; Skylan Graham, AAS, Accounting; Sarah Green, AAS, Respiratory Care; Jeremy Grigsby, AAS, Accounting; Vanessa Gustafson, AAS, Office Administration; Sarah Hall, AA, Teaching; Shanquia Hall, AA, General Curriculum; Destiny Handy, AA, Teaching; Melissa Hartman, AAS, Diagnostic Medical Sonography; Hunter Hawkins, AA, General Curriculum; Craig Helms, Cert., EMT-Industrial HVAC Specialty; Selena Hernandez, Cert., Pharmacy Technology; Vanessa Herrera, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Jacqueline Holt, AAS, Accounting; Hannah Huerell, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Molly Hughes, AA, General Curriculum-Spanish; Sarah Hunter, AAS, Respiratory Care; Bezaley Jackson, AAS, Cert., Child and Family Development; Teresa Jackson, AAS, Registered Nurse; Trevor Jernigan, Cert., Diesel Technology; Ashley Campbell-Johnson, AA, General Curriculum; Issamar Jones, AAS, General Business; Dru Jordan, Cert., Diesel Technology; Jessica Jordan, AAS, Registered Nurse; Robyn Josey-Hilliard, Cert., Welding-Basic; Khaled Noor, AAS, Registered Nurse; Jessica Klein, Cert., Pharmacy Technology; Daniel Knight, AA, General Curriculum; Ashleigh Knox, AA, Theater; Anthony Lane, AAS, Cert., EMT-Electrical Specialty; Sarah Law, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Maegan Lawson, AAS, Registered Nurse; Sara Ledet, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Christopher Lewis, Cert., CIS-Network Administration; Kaitlyn Lewis, AA, General Speech/Communication; Shelby Loya, AAS, Registered Nurse; Jessica Mark, AAS, Registered Nurse; Jennifer Marshall, AAS, Diagnostic Medical Sonography; Ashley Martin, AAS, Office Administration; Alaryca Maxwell, AAS, Cert., Human Services-Case Management Specialty/Family Systems Emphasis; Chris McAdams, Cert., Diesel Technology; Victoria McCoy, AAS, Registered Nurse; Jazmine McDonald, AAS, Drafting and Design; Benjamin McGaughey, AAS, Respiratory Care; Katherine McLaughlin, AA, General Curriculum; Dania Millan, AAS, CIS-Programmer Analyst; King Monroy, AA, General Curriculum; Izuki Moreno, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Regina Morrison, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Maci Muckleroy, AAS, Registered Nurse; Ashley Narragon, AAS, Child and Family Development; Olivia Navarro, AAS, Drafting and Design; Francisco Nolasco, Cert., EMT-Industrial HVAC; Chad Noyes, AAS, Registered Nurse; Tammy Oden, AAS, Respiratory Care; Jennifer Ogden, AAS, Legal Assistant-Paralegal; Lisa Oliver, AAS, Criminal Justice; Christine Parker, AS, General Curriculum; Brock Pollino, AA, General Curriculum; Arthur Prejean, AAS, CIS-Programmer Analyst; Amanda Pyle, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Casey Randle, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Chelsae Rankin, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Mary Reavis, AA, Drafting and Design; Calvin Reeves, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Lindsey Rice, AAS, Registered Nurse; Bridgett Richardson, AAS, Criminal Justice; William Rishard, Cert., Diesel Technology; Shannon Rosencranz, AAS, Respiratory Care; Tiffany Ruizon, AA, Music; Stephan Salas, AA, Sound Recording Technology; Cyntia Salinas, AAS, Legal Assistant-Paralegal; Allison Sanchez, Cert., Pharmacy Technology; Brittney Schmidt, AAS, Registered Nurse; Brenda Segura, AAS, Registered Nurse; Amber Sherrard, AAS, Registered Nurse; Lauren Shoemaker, AAS, Registered Nurse; Savannah Skelton, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Chedaria Spencer, Cert., Pharmacy Technology; Charlie Stephens, AAS, Drafting and Design; Tara Stringer, AAS, Respiratory Care; Drefus Thompson, AAS, Registered Nurse; Adrian Torres, AAS, Design and Applied Arts; Amanda Torres, Cert., Pharmacy Technology; Donald Truby, AAS, Registered Nurse; Hali Turner, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Diego Vallejo, AAS, Drafting and Design; Jorge Vallejo, AAS, Drafting and Design; Jesus Vargas, AAS, Drafting and Design; Eduardo Vasquez, AAS, EMT-Electrical Specialty; Kristi VonHeimburg, AAS, Legal Assistant-Paralegal; Preshus Wade, Cert., Office Administration-Word Processing; Youlanda Whitaker, Cert., General Business; David Williams, AAS, Registered Nurse; Royce Willmon, AAS, Electromechanical Technology; Kendria Wilson, Cert., Child and Family Development; Randall Wood, AA, Journalism/Mass Communications; John Wyatt, Cert., Real Estate Salesman; Joshua Yarbrough, AAS, Radiologic Technology.

Many (LA)
Kristee Ochiltree, AAS, Registered Nurse.

Jocelyn Stephens, AAS, Design and Applied Arts.

Wyndi Ceccacci, AAS, Registered Nurse.

Christal Ady, AAS, Registered Nurse; Griselda Barbosa-Valerio, Cert., Pharmacy Technology; Macey Barlow, AA, General Curriculum; Johnathan Bean, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Shelby Burnett, AAS, Registered Nurse; Nathan Butler, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Candace Counts, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Hannah Early, AAS, Registered Nurse; Delyla Frederick, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Maria Garcia, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Maria Garcia, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Brenda Gonzalez, AAS, Design and Applied Arts; Dalton Hassell, Cert., Diesel Technology; Susana Herrera, AAS, Registered Nurse; Douglas Hicks, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Amy Juarez, Cert., Pharmacy Technology; Amanda Koerth, AAS, Diagnostic Medical Sonography; Nathan Lieberman, Cert., Diesel Technology; Enoc Macias, AAS, EMT-Electrical Specialty; Gedarcius Martin, Cert., EMT-Fluid Power Specialty; Amber Megens, AAS, Registered Nurse; James Micheletti, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Genoveva Pasillas, AA, Visual Arts; Ana Karen Pedroza, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Laura Perez, AAS, Respiratory Care; Glenna Philbrick, AAS, Diagnostic Medical Sonography; Erick Pineda, EMT-Industrial HVAC Specialty; Chasaty Rainer, AAS, Registered Nurse; Casey Riley, AAS, Registered Nurse; Anthony Ronzello, AAS, Registered Nurse; Caitlyn Skinner, AS, Business-Leading to BBA; Amanda Stout, AAS, Legal Assistant-Paralegal; Gregory Thomas, Cert., Diesel Technology; Kassandra Ward, AAS, General Business; Alisa Whitton, Cert., Child and Family Development; Devin Woods, AAS, Registered Nurse.

Sandy Quarles, AAS, Cert., Human Services-Case Management Specialty/Family Systems Emphasis.
Rhonda Mosely, AAS, Accounting; April Saxinger, AAS, Registered Nurse.

Tissa Amie, Cert., Pharmacy Technology.

Bradley Brandon, Cert., Diesel Technology; April Castle, AAS, Registered Nurse; Colton Shelby Merritt, Cert., Diesel Technology.

San Augustine
Sherry Ball, AAS, Diagnostic Medical Sonography; Paige Dubois, Cert., Office Administration; Megan Ivey, AAS, Radiologic Technology; David Nix II, AAS, CIS-Network Support Technician.
Hannah Fields, AAS, Registered Nurse.

Paige May, AAS, Registered Nurse.

Sugar Land
Solabomi Dada, AAS, Registered Nurse.

Samuel Grubbs, AS, General Curriculum; Natalie Parker, AA, Teaching; Sarah Trow, AAS, Office Administration.

Jarrid Garcia, AA, Health and Physical Education.

Village Mills
Michael Cone, Cert., Diesel Technology.

Autumn Browder, AAS, Cert., Human Services-Case Management Specialty/Family Systems Emphasis; Krista McGallion, AAS, Registered Nurse; Joann Williams, AAS, General Business.

Taylor Herman, Cert., Pharmacy Technology; Stacie Lofton, AAS, Registered Nurse.

Anthony Basurto, Cert., Welding-Basic; Cherrelle Cooper, AAS, Registered Nurse; Ranada Lacy, AAS, Registered Nurse; Emelie Leifi, AA, Teaching; Dimpsey Paire, Cert., Welding-Basic; Shana Wilford, AAS, Registered Nurse.

Dana Burnett, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Samantha Ortega, AAS, Cert., Human Services-Case Management Specialty/Family Systems Emphasis; James Paxon, AAS, Registered Nurse; Jeanetta Sneed, Cert., Pharmacy Technology.