What is a QEP?

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is a 5-year plan the College will undertake to enhance student learning. Angelina College (AC) is using a learning community.

What is a learning community?

An approach where a group of students are enrolled in paired courses, during a given semester, using a specified theme.

AC is committed to your success and continues to identify new ways to help you accomplish your goals. The College has developed a QEP designed to increase student success in math. The AC learning community, MASS (Math Achievement/Student Support), is designed to provide the skills and support needed to achieve in math. MASS is offered during the Fall semester, pairs MATH 0310 (Basic Math), Math Lab, and STSU (Student Success) and engages students in support service seminars.

For more information about the QEP, contact Dr. Cynthia Casparis at ccasparis@angelina.edu or (936) 633-5203.