Office of Quality Enhancement and Innovation

goal-graphic-october-revisionThe Office of Quality Enhancement and Innovation engages in campus-wide projects and initiatives to enhance and improve programming and services at Angelina College.  The College strives to use innovative methods to foster quality and continuous improvement.  Quality and innovation are cornerstones to excellence.  Angelina College continues to raise the bar and strives to be the first choice in value and a quality education throughout its service area.

academic-effect-logo-septm-revisionAngelina College uses a cloud-based collaboration platform designed to enable the institutional effectiveness process to support a culture of continuous improvement.  The Office of Quality Enhancement and Innovation provides technical support and training for this solution.


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Angelina College implemented a quality enhancement initiative in 2015 to establish a learning community designed to provide a path to success in math, accelerating college readiness for first-time, first-year students enrolled in MATH 0310.  Math instruction in the learning community is supported through the provision of study skills management and student support services.