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The Records Office, located in room 104 of the Administration Building, is open Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. while classes are in session. When school is not in session we are open daily from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Our office assists students with official and unofficial transcripts, enrollment verifications, degree audits, student data changes, drops and withdrawals from classes, and graduation applications.

We assist faculty by distributing official class roster information, assisting with instructor drops and readmits, and providing information on using the Faculty Access Module.

Some of our key duties include maintaining all student records pertaining to admission, the collection of final grades and processing of grades at the end of each term, certification of graduates, and the distribution and collection of official class rosters.

How to Request Readmission

How to Request an Official Transcript

How to Print an Unofficial Transcript

How to Apply for Graduation

Commencement Ceremony

How to Request an Enrollment Verification

How to Change Name, Major or Address

Academic Fresh Start


Request for Readmission

Appeal Procedure for Instructor Drops
1. Print out the "Request for Readmission".
2. Complete Request for Readmission form.
3. Take the Request for Readmission to your instructor.
4. Discuss with your instructor a plan of action which will enable you to remain in class and make progress.
5. Instructor will sign Request for Readmission if progress can be made.
6. If this is a developmental course (reading, writing, mathematics), you must also have the VP and Dean of Instruction's signature.
7. Return signed Request for Readmission to the Records Office to complete the process.

How to Request a Transcript

To obtain a copy of your Angelina College transcript the Records Office requires a written request from the student. Transcript request forms are available at the Records Office or online.

Written requests should include the student’s name, social security number, mailing address, the name/address of the college where the transcript should be mailed, whether you need official or unofficial transcripts, the number of copies needed and a signature. Please be sure to list all names you may have used while attending Angelina College.

Requests can be mailed to the Records Office at PO Box 1768, Lufkin, TX 75902; scanned and emailed to or faxed to 936-633-3206.

Students are allowed three official transcripts at no charge. All future transcript requests after three will cost $5.00 each. Students should contact the Business Office at 936-633-5318 for payment information.

No transcript requests can be processed without written consent of the student.

Upon receipt of request, transcripts will be processed within two business days.

How to Print an Unofficial Transcript

Unofficial transcripts are available for students to print from the Angelina College website, Students will log on to Campus Connect using their username (which is their studentid or social security number) and password (8 digit birthdate, MMDDYYYY).

Once logged on to Campus Connect, select the “Registration” tab and “Advising Guide.”

How to Apply for Graduation

Students should apply for graduation immediately prior to or upon entering your final semester of attendance at Angelina College. A student must file an application for degree/certificate in the Records Office by the deadline printed in the college calendar, then report to the bookstore to pay for cap, gown, and invitations. Graduation applications are available at the Records Office or online.

There is no graduation fee. However, students participating in the graduation ceremony must purchase a cap and gown from the AC Bookstore.

Students should submit completed applications to the Records Office by mail at PO Box 1768, Lufkin, TX 75902 or by fax at 936-633-3206.

The Records Office will attach all student transcripts and their degree audit to the application before sending it to the division office for evaluation. Please make sure all your official transcripts from other institutions attended are on file in the Records Office before you submit your graduation application. Once the division has completed the evaluation (usually within 4 weeks), students will receive written notification by mail.

Diplomas may be picked up at the Records Office once they are available. If you need your diploma to be mailed, you should make a written request to the Records Office giving detailed mailing instructions. Friends of family members may pick up diplomas only with written consent from the student.

Replacement diplomas must be requested in writing. The request should include name, social security number, degree awarded, date awarded, daytime phone/e-mail address, address to mail diploma and signature.

The cost of the replacement diploma is $27.00. Students should contact the Business Office at 936-633-5318 for payment information.

Commencement Ceremony

Angelina College holds commencement in May each year.

All graduate candidates from summer through spring will be invited to participate in the ceremony. Graduation instructions will be mailed approximately one month prior to the ceremony.

Caps, gowns, and invitations are available for purchase at the AC Bookstore.

Upon completion of the commencement ceremony, graduates are encouraged to go on-line through Blackboard and complete the Graduate Survey.

Note: Participation in Commencement is not required to receive your degree or certificate.

How to Request an Enrollment Verification

Angelina College has authorized National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment verifications. Students can now print enrollment verification certificates from their Campus Connect account.

Students should login to Campus Connect, click on the Registration tab and then select Enrollment Verification. Students will be directed to the National Student Clearinghouse website where the enrollment verification certificate can be printed immediately.

If you are requesting an enrollment verification for an upcoming semester, please be aware that the request cannot be completed until the week after the official census date. Please see the academic calendar located in the General Bulletin for census date information.

How to Change Name, Major or Address

Student data change forms are available at the Records Office or online.

Name changes must be accompanied with legal documentation of change such as marriage license, divorce decree or court order.

Address changes must be accompanied with proof of change such as Driver’s License, state ID or copies of bills.
Students should submit completed forms and any documentation to the Records Office by mail at PO Box 1768, Lufkin, TX 75902 or by fax at 936-633-3206.

Academic Fresh Start

Texas residents may apply for admission under the Academic Fresh Start Program. This program gives students the option of having course work taken 10 or more years prior to the starting date of the semester in which the applicant seeks to enroll ignored for admission purposes.

Applications for Academic Fresh Start are available at the Records Office or online.
Students should submit completed form to the Records Office by mail at PO Box 1768, Lufkin, TX 75902 or by fax at 936-633-3206.
For additional information, contact the Records Office.


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