Senate Bill 148 of the 75th Texas Legislature (1997) mandated Field of Study curricula. The field of study curricula, along with core curricula, are intended to facilitate transferability of courses among Texas public colleges and universities.

All public four-year institutions are required to accept Coordinating Board approved field of study courses in fulfillment of lower-division requirements for bachelor’s degrees in majors that correspond to the field of study.

Core Curriculum and Field of study for Engineering is designed for students seeking a bachelor’s degree. In addition, there is a field of study curricula for Engineering Technology for the B.S. in Civil, Computer, Construction, Electrical, Electronics, Manufacturing, and Mechanical.
Fields of study are valid only when no course substitutions are made.

Core Curriculum Courses
Select courses from the Core Curriculum.
Semester Credit Hours: 44/45

Students should visit with an advisor regarding transfer to a specific college or

Field of Study (27-43)

Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, ENGR varies with receiving institution.
  - MATH 2413* Calculus I
  - MATH 2414* Calculus II
  - MATH 2415* Calculus III

  - MATH 2320* Differential Equations
  - ENGR 1304 Engineering Graphics
  - ENGR 1201* Introduction to Engineering
  - ENGR 2104* Engineering Programming & Computations
  - ENGR 2301* Engineering Mechanics I: Statics
  - ENGR 2302* Engineering Mechanics II: Dynamics
  - PHYS 2425* and 2426* University Physics

Total Hours: 36
Total Credit Hours: 80/81