Student Development

Angelina College Center for
in Learning Program (ACCEL)

The Student Success Program

The Angelina College Center for Excellence in Learning (ACCEL) was created in 2002 to close the gaps between under-prepared and prepared students. The program affords students the opportunity to excel through the utilization of an aggressive support team comprised of peers, counselors, instructors, faculty mentors and other members of the community. Under this program, student development courses are offered to provide supplemental instruction designed to enhance learning and assist students in achieving realistic educational goals.

Freshmen students who have completed less than 24 SCH; pursuing an associate degree and/or certain certificate programs are required to enroll in a Student Success (STSU) course. Placement into one of the three levels of STSU is based on the students’ THEA or ACCUPLACER assessment results in reading, writing and math. Each STSU course includes teaching modules that emphasize success strategies such as critical thinking, learning styles, time management, memory, reading, note taking, tests and diversity. In 2006, Angelina College chose Critical Thinking as its Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). The Student Success courses were selected by a faculty committee as a component of the QEP that would provide, 1) structured opportunities to enhance student learning outcomes across the curriculum and 2) to introduce the Paul/Elder model of critical thinking to freshmen students enrolling in Angelina College.

To meet the diverse learning styles of college students, Student Success courses are offered in several formats; online, traditional classroom and a combination of both. Student Success 0200 and 0300 classes are taught in a traditional classroom setting two days per week. The first day of class is delivered through a lecture/discussion format in which the use of visual aids, student participation and group exercises are utilized. To facilitate the application of the strategies learned during lecture the second day is designated as a lab day. The metacognitive approach to learning is introduced to identify how the student prefers to perceive and process information. The STSU 0100 classes are delivered via an on-line learning system (Blackboard) that requires the student to learn independently.

Beginning the fall 2011 term, a new hybrid format will be offered in sections designated as STSU 0200.Y and STSU 0300.Y. The hybrid format will require students to attend class on specific days and the remainder of their class will be completed via the internet. The hybrid course will combine the best of both formats – teacher instruction and technology.

The ACCEL faculty is composed mainly of instructors holding a master or doctoral degree who come with a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. We pride ourselves in providing our students with professionals who are caring and supportive. Meet our ACCEL team!